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06 mar 2013


Are you new to yoga? Do you know anyone who wants to pick-up yoga?
Next week we will start a FREE 30 days beginners Yoga Challenge.
We are looking for 3 people, completely new to yoga, to join the EkhartYoga team for 30 days to document their journey through our Beginners Yoga Challenge on this blog.

The Challenge

Join one of our Beginner Programs for 30 days, starting next week. You should practice at least twice a week — three times is great and every day even better, if you can! 

Follow one program at a time. Once you’ve finished one beginner program it’s a great idea to start following another one. That way, you can try out different styles, teachers and find out what suits you best — and you really can learn something wonderful from everybody. Personally I would try them all out if I was starting now, but that is up to you :-) More details on the beginner challenge will follow next week on this blog.

What we need

We are looking for a commitment of one blog post a week, with a short story on your first journey with yoga. Share your highs and lows so others can relate and feel supported by your story! 

What you get
Beside exposure as our guest blogger, you will be given a one-month membership to start with, and on completion of the challenge you will get a free six months subscription to our website.

Go for it

Please let me know, in the comment box below, why you should be one of our three motivators! The three most inspiring comments will be selected.

Lots of love,


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Susana - 1 year ago

Love pigeon pose
Love to write
Pick me now
I'll be your delight!

NB_Started practicing yoga 2 months ago with Eckhart Yoga, after running injury and I must say that I'm addicted to pigeon pose. Still a lot to learn ans improve.

Tayla - 1 year ago

This really couldn't have come at a better time. I am just beginning my journey with yoga but have failed many times to make it to an actual class, as the timing just has never been right. My mom swears by yoga, she is becoming a teacher and has told me all about it and why it will help me. I am a powerlifter and workout in the weight room everyday, so I get sore muscles easily. Yoga will allow me to relax and stretch out my body in order to help me in the gym, as well as help ground my mind and become more centered and relaxed. The times I have tried yoga at home, I have found it to be great. I am more aware of my body and my breathe which helps me keep peace throughout the rest of my hectic day. I would very much enjoy this opportunity and love writing so I believe I would be a perfect fit. Thank you!

Despina - 1 year ago

I truly believe in alternative medicine. I think it's crazy that we are so quick to believe western medicine, which is relatively young when compared to centuries old, even older, "medicine" such as meditation, acupuncture and YOGA! This would be a perfect opportunity for me to start practicing regularly. I have done a few classes but realize that the true benefits come with regular practice. I'd be thrilled to help out!

Aðalheiður - 1 year ago

I believe I am a good candidate for the beginners blog. Not because of my writing skills (am Icelandic so my spelling isn't perfect) but because it would be encouraging for me to get out of the sofa and on to the floor to strengthen my body and spirit. I was diagnosed with MS seven and 1/2 years ago and have been battling depression for 15 months now. My MS is not bad, I am pain free and the only symptoms I have are fatigue (every day) and my balance is a little off some days. I think and hope yoga can help with both problems so no matter whether you'll pick me or not for the blog I will do the Yoga for beginners Challenge in hope it will give me more energy and power and lift my spirits.

Jasie - 1 year ago

After struggling through a severe bout of anxiety I made the goal only yesterday to start practicing yoga at least three times a week. I've done a bit of yoga with the help of Ekhart Yoga youtube videos a few times in the last year, and I know that now is the time to start working at it more seriously to really feel the mind/body/soul benefits that I know I desperately need. I'm a PhD student and most of my time is spent on the computer and in the classroom and I've lost touch with my body in the last year, so this is the perfect opportunity that I need to get back in touch and work toward feeling healthy again. I'd love to volunteer to blog about my experience and see just how yoga can affect, and possibly change, my life as a student.

Anne - 1 year ago

I am going through a very stressfull time in my life and I need a way to use my body, which is safe, can give my energy, calm my down and pick my up. The only form of exercise I have heard of, which can do this is YOGA. One of my problems is social anxiety - this means, I cannot join a yoga studio in real life. After a lot of research I have been recommended Ekhart Yoga!
I have been looking at your videos for some time, but need the last little push, to get started - I believe this is it! I believe I can improve my life with the things you can teach me.
Besides this, I have always wanted to write something for a blog - but never quite had the inspiration regarding the topic. Some blogs say a lot about nothing. But this blog - it is pure gold. And it would actually be an honour to join in at share my experiences with yoga - and I am a beginner! A beginner with an all new never used yogamat. Standing in my living room - looking at me and beckoning me to jump on and start my journey to a new and more balanced life - both mentally and physically!

Renske - 1 year ago

I'm already planning to start yoga for a while now, but due to unregular working hours in health care I can't find anyone in my area who is willing to let me join while asking for different hours for the classes every week. They only do fixed hours.
Therefore I want to start yoga at home, but don't really know how to start.
I'm planning to build up to doing yoga every day as I believe it will make me feel much better and more positive.
This is why I believe I'm a very good candidate for this beginners blog.

Anna - 1 year ago

I also have crazy working hours and this makes very complicated for me to go to any class. So I´ve been postponing the dream or practicing Yoga for a long time now. My friend sent me this link and I saw the fuel I needed to do so. I´m from Brazil and here we love to share our experiences online. I believe the fact I never practice before + the will to be part of this makes me a good candidate! Cheer!!!

Izabela - 1 year ago

Hi there
Few weeks ago I was looking for some yoga classes on YT and first one I clicked on was from Yogatic. After viewing few of Esther's videos I stopped looking for anything else.
I'm suffering from recurring depresive disorder and anxiety which in worst moments turns into agoraphobia. I'm also avoiding "real" people as much as it's possible at all times. I always new yoga could help me to fight some of this issues. I even tried to excersise reguralry few times in my lifetime but my motivational skills are very poor plus because of my procrastination very often I'm running out of day... doing actually nothing in a day as I don't work (because of my mental condition) and spend most of time at home.
I have been on many different medications (as I am now for past 8 months) I have also tried therapies but nothing can really change my state of mind.
Hopefully participating in this kind of challenge could help me change my life.

melissa - 1 year ago

I joined the site last week after seeing Esther on Youtube. Since last week I have done a yoga class with the site daily though some of those were meditation classes. I was actually looking over youtube for info on meditation. When meditation searches returned Yoga results I investigated and tried Esthers Yoga for the winter blues class. FELL IN LOVE WITH YOGA! Though I'd heard of it before and even tried a yoga video for fitness once I did not understand it in all its richness until the past several days. Yoga as a moving meditation to link the body to the mind and create space for all that one is as it is experienced in the present moment~ that is what I have found.
Im 37 years old and overall I am physically healthy. I have had problems with depression and anxiety and taken medication for it in the past but this year I resolved to find a gentle, natural way to heal from the inside out and free my body and mind of long held patterns and beliefs about myself and the world that might be keeping me rooted to unhappiness.
Im certainly at a beginner level, I have tried the first Vinyasa beginner class, one or two other level one classes and I love the class Esther does for anxiety. I would be glad to be a part of the challenge if you like. In any case I will enjoy reading the blogs of those you pick and thank you and your team for this wonderful site!

Sabrina - 1 year ago

When I read this I thought to myself that this journey would be perfect for me, especially at this point in my life. I have recently started to try yoga due to the stress of studying. I am currently in Boston and am almost done with 6 years of school. All these years, I have gone through the burden of studying, family problems, relationships and now am about to embark on a life changing event; I will be starting my career as a pharmacist (which makes me excited but at the same time scared). I have always tried to have a positive outlook on life but sometimes all of us need something a little extra to help us. I am hoping that yoga can help me get through the stressful times that I am experiencing now and can continue to help me for the rest of my life. I am a strong believer in alternative medicine and feel that yoga has many benefits, some that we can't even explain. Thank you for this opportunity :) Sabrina

vikki - 1 year ago

Hello! My name is Vikki. I teach alternative curriculum and mentor in a school for children between the age of 11-16 who have been excluded from mainstream school for 'behaviour or emotional issues'. I have been drawn towards yoga for a few years now but never taken a class. I feel called towards it and I have just signed up for the Eckhart Tolle site seconds ago........which is no coincidence that you have the same name. I really feel called to yoga and I know many people who swear by it for all kinds of benefits which can be life changing. I don't just feel I am called to it for myself. I would love to pass on this life changing tool by teaching the kids I work with as I know it would help with the stress in their lives and get them to be in tune and in touch with the bodies. I'm sure the benefits will way exceed this but like I said I am a complete novice and have no real knowledge or experience so I would love this opportunity and I feel if it is helping others by documenting my journey and also these children I work with everyday then it will add to the magical unfoldment and pay this gift forward in such a beautiful, worthy and expansive way!!!
Thank you thank you thank you and I hope you choose me.
Love love love Vikki

Amy - 1 year ago

After seeing Ginger Spice and Madonna do head stands in the papers over 10 years ago (when Kabbalah was the trendy new religion) I decided from that moment that I wanted to do yoga (I thought it was the cheats way of becoming a gymnast my childhood dream accomplished, after seeing the Pink Power Ranger do back flips)

Why I never started? I guess I didn't know how or who taught Yoga, I guess this western hippy exercise just wasn't available in a small rural town in Yorkshire back then. And the actual reason? I went to Uni and just never bothered to do any exercise!

Fast forward to today and after once being a ballerina tot who could do the crab and touch my toes, I am appalled with myself that after 10 years of absent compulsory P.E lessons I can't even cross my legs without my knees touching my cheeks!

Recently unemployed after a few months of depression and a mid 20's 'life crisis' I have moved back to the Yorkshire sticks from the big chaotic London. With my last wage and the revelation that my small rural town now teaches Yoga twice a week I decided to give it ago!

That was 3 months ago and since then I have been researching more and more about healthy foods, eating less meat, bought a raw juice cookbook from the charity shop (must of been fate, however I can't afford a juicer just yet so slightly torturous when on benefits) stopped washing with soap (apart from my face,I have been surprised at how effective a muslim cloth really is at picking up that grime) and even made a DIY sandalwood face mask and than drank my left over sandalwood and rose water concoction (an indian woman on YouTube was very convincing at suggesting that it is an anti-ageing elixir!

I can no longer afford the Gym plus it was a pretty generic light exercise no sweating involved, so I am questioning if there were much benefits? So I bought a Yoga DVD as yoga is what was keeping me focused on believing that the right job will come through!
The once a week routines has become far too predictable after for 2 months so much so that In the last 10 days I have had a relapse and done ZILCH (the DVD is not an Esther one by the way for me)

After searching the web for some new routines (which is hard when you don't really know what your looking for) I found the web to be saturated with corny American 'spiritual guide' type Yogi's, however I found Esther's free YouTube exercises and Esther's yoga relaxing, straight forward, challenging and aimed at the 'every' woman plus her dutch accent is really calming and 'spa' like she really has a lovely soft approach to routines. I now do or did until a week ago the Sun Salutations, Hip-Opener and Heart-Opener routines along with my DVD I love the variety and that your helping different parts.

Why do I want to do the beginners yoga blog?
well I want to take yoga to a more beneficial level, yoga has and keeps reminding me not to worry or beat myself up about the things I can't change but to concentrate on the things I can a much needed message for me! I have tried to control my life for far too long (possibly my whole life) with little results. Apart from helping me mentally I want to become the gymnast I never was (in time) I have no idea how you go from gentle exercise to bendy-flexible, I know this takes years possible 10 but I hope by doing the 30 day classes I will begin to know more about the yoga practice and see result's. I already feel that my strength has improved but I still keep falling over on my left side!

Neil - 1 year ago

If you'd like a male beginner I'd be very happy to commit to the 30 day programme. I'm vegan, 44 years old and about to start on a total body exercise programme. I practise martial arts and have tried many times to commit to a yoga routine as I know it would greatly help my flexibility and help me keep up with the youngsters in the class! Feel like I've been drifting lately so have decided a yoga and mediation routine each morning might help me obtain some focus and achieve more with my day and indeed my life.

Suyumna - 1 year ago

Hi, Esther...I am interested, it will be interesting, I love challenges...



Camilla - 1 year ago

I'm an aspiring writer like so many others who just never manages to actually publish a single word. Mainly because I just never feel what I write is good enough, Being allowed to be your guest blogger would therefore do two things for me.

Firstly, It would force me (sounds brutal, but it is good really) to publish my journey without fretting over too many sentences beginning the same way. It is is - argh! - really amazing with the wealth of words in the English language how hard it is to vary the opening one.

Secondly, and most importantly, it would force this sitting-on-my-behind-all-day-despite-knowing-I-should't-girl to actually get up from my favourite writing chair and hit the floor for a while. After which my writing will be twice as good, because exercising does dust the brain off.

Erika - 1 year ago

Hi! My name is Erika I am a sophomore in college studying Nursing. I attended a yoga class at a gym with a friend and fell in love with it. However due to being a college student and being completely broke I've been looking at online videos. It would be wonderful to be chosen for this. It gets hectic having a job and going to school, I feel as if yoga would be a nice escape.

I've been staring at my laptop screen for 10 minutes now; trying to think of what to say to make me be chosen. I've come up with nothing, so I'll just tell you some of my story.

I graduated highschool early and moved myself to Dallas on a scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas. I didn't get on campus housing so I moved in with my aunt a couple of towns over. I rode a train for 2 hours to get to my 8 am classes for a while. After a couple of months I found a roommate and moved into an apartment about 5 minutes from campus. I was doing well in school but didn't have any friends really. I finally made some friends and started going to social events. I soon realized that I didn't want to be a doctor. I was unsatisfied with my life and fell into alcohol and drugs. I had to pay for my apartment and was forced to get a job. I was a full-time student with a full-time job. The stress got to me. After over a year and half of supporting myself I talked to my SO and decided that Dallas wasn't what I needed. I called my parents and told them that things were out of control. I was losing myself and was unhappy. Again I picked up everything I owned and moved back to my hometown. When I got here I suffered from depression. I was sad constantly and felt as if my life wasn't mine. It belonged to some weak, unintelligent girl. I became anti-social and just struggled overall. After a few months of this I looked at myself and decided that I didn't like myself. I'm working on changing that. I started school again with a major in Nursing. It's not what I want to do with my life but it is something to work towards. NOW what does all of this have to do with yoga? When I went to the yoga class I didn't really have any expectation other than it should be "easy." I use to be an athlete and thought yoga was for people with less strength or stamina. Boy, was I wrong! In the class I could feel EVERY muscle moving, stretching, pulling; it was so wonderful. I had never been so in tune with my body! And during the breathing, I felt so at peace. I loved it. However this happened right before I decided my life was in shambles so I never got to make a habit of it.

I know this is lengthy, so I thank you for taking the time to read it. I feel as if I saw this at such an opportune time. I'm just picking up the pieces of my life and I want to include yoga in the "me" that I respect and love.

I'm not a religious person but when I was listening to my body I felt such an intense sense of love for my spirit if you will. I'm not sure if this happens for everybody.

Thank you,


Renee - 1 year ago

Coming back from a inspiring journey to Nepal I just arrived home. Not home home, but I stay in my parents home,for the main reason to be close to my sister who hust gave birth to a beautifull little girl. Yesterday I received the news that I can not come back to my work, so I decided to stay a little longer with my family and friends in my birthtown. What to do with my time? I have plenty of ideas, and my best friend just send me the link of Ekhart Yoga. A great oppurtunity for me, to combine the love for writing I discoverd juring my journey and, to learn more about yoga, to be ''obligated'' to take time for myself, take care of my body, and ofcourse my mind.

Amber - 1 year ago

I would love to be considered for this!

I'm twenty one, and have recently been pushing to change my lifestyle from sedentary and unhealthy eating to a healthy active one. I feel that this challenge will help me commit to a better lifestyle and help yoga stick with me. For the past year I have been learning basic poses and practicing every once and a while on my own. I have never attended a class before due to price, but I would love to practice yoga with the assistance of videos. I would love a chance to be a guest blogger on your site, I love writing and have kept blogs in the past. I feel that it would really benefit me to keep record of my journey with yoga.

I hope you'll consider me to be your guest blogger! Thank you,

Xaph - 1 year ago

Hi Esther, i'm not a complete beginner so if that eliminates me, feel free to skip the rest of the text :)

I've been doing yoga for 2-3 months, but I had an interest in it since I was in high school (now 28y.o.), I even wrote my senior piece about alternative states on mind, one of which included the state we get in when practicing yoga. I always wanted to join a studio but could never afford it.
Two years ago, I hurt my lower back, probably by running, and the doctor told me i have mild lordosis and scoliosis. She recommended pilates but I like yoga much much more, so finally, I did join a class, but now again, I can't really afford it anymore and have decided to continue my journey with yoga at home. Anyway, I also started to keep a blog a few weeks ago, and I'm really liking it. You can check it out if you'd like I would be up to doing yoga 5 to 6 times a week.
I don't want this to be too long, but I would really really like a chance at being one of the three motivators. If you need any more information, please let me know :)
In any case, good luck with your Beginner's program.

Victoria - 1 year ago

Hi Esther (and everyone!),

A couple of weeks ago I found you on YouTube, right at the top after searching 'beginner's yoga'. Wow I'm so glad!! From the first few minutes of your online introduction I liked you, your presence, playfulness and teaching style. I find you to be really down to earth but tapping into something else relatable, a good connection - grounded. I had gone to one yoga class years ago where the instructor pretzeled himself into crazy contortions and I felt intimidated and deflated. I never went back. Also, I have my own stuff about New Agey Yoga Gurus, body image, body confidence and so on ;)

I've been following your online classes for two weeks now with daily practices, morning and most evenings. I've been giving myself a little time before I subscribe to a month of online classes, to see if I want to stick with it (I's fun, challenging, and I love that yoga can be exactly what you want it to be). There was no premeditation to start doing yoga. Seems like it just popped into my mind out of nowhere. But really, I've been considering ways to be a good pal to my body no matter what size, age and shape it's in. Something to help me tune in, in ways that walking and my daily/morning 'jane fondas' don't quite cover (J Fondas are a series of calisthenics and big-body movements I string together for 15-20 minutes to wake me up, build some strength and stay limber). It was pretty cool that yoga surfaced in my mind again when it did. Also, like many of the others who have written here, anxiety and tension has been mounting in my body/mind and I would like to help those parts of me relax and feel safe.

So here is something really exciting that I wanted to share and whatever else, I'm glad you opened up a forum for us to share our experiences. My throat has been constricted for a long time. I hold my breath a lot. (I also laugh from the belly and know how to loosen up so it's not all doom and gloom, eh!) It's been worse the last six months or so and I constantly remind myself to breathe and loosen up throughout the day. I've also been looking for ways to work with my body and its wisdom and really listen. So a couple nights ago I tried one of your videos for the first time: a Stress Release sequence where we use the ujjayi breath (I looked up that spelling! Darth Vader or Ocean Breath for those who might not know). One must constrict the throat to control the breathing and slow it down. One must simultaneously contract and relax - wow! Something clicked for me here: this can be a way to allow my throat to do what it is persistently doing and in fact encourage it! This action of allowing what has been a manifestation of tension transforms it into a helpful vehicle for my body and for me tune in. It's an avenue to work WITH instead of AGAINST what my body is doing.

I don't know what will happen next. But yoga is another way for me to be IN my body instead of flinching away from it - and to continue learning self-acceptance. It's refreshing to be curious. I like building another platform for myself that can also serve as a bridge to basically Life and others, you know?

Thank you Esther, and your posse too. I look forward to doing more yoga with you - and I wish I had been in Leeds to attend your workshop (one of my best friends lives there!). You're wonderful and I get a kick out of you too!

Eugene, Oregon

casey - 1 year ago

Hi Esther,

I'd love to be one of your beginner motivators. I'm a healthy, vegan, 27-year-old male who is in the process of making serious long-term changes to my lifestyle. Last year I was not vegan or healthy, but I'm hoping these life changes can bring me closer to my best, all-around.

I've practiced meditation over the last several years to help focus myself, and after being hospitalized last year I adopted a vegan diet. My goal now is to bridge my mental and physical focuses, and while I have not had much experience in the practice of yoga I have seen and read enough to feel that it would be infinitely valuable in strengthening the union between my mind and body.

My work schedule and finances prevent me from committing to a regular practice at a studio, but I've looked into videos, podcasts and one-off classes around me to try and find the most beneficial path for me. I've found hatha practices to offer the most insight (for my particular situation), and Ekhart Yoga has been an amazing resource. Next week I plan to enroll in the hatha beginners program.

Though my experience with yoga is limited, the passion I've developed has spread. My roommate, best friend, and even mother all started yoga based only on the few words with which I articulated my aspirations. This makes me feel that when I really delve into my experience and find my path I could speak directly and honestly to those who are unsure of what yoga might offer them. Yoga won't be the exact same experience for everyone, but there are common threads that I believe nearly everyone can benefit from.

I've reached a point where I am fully aware that I create the direction my life takes. I believe yoga will be a key tool in formulating this direction, and recording my progress through a blog will allow real reflection and progress to take place. Partaking in your challenge and reaching a wider audience will only provide a greater benefit to this process.

Thank you so much for all your time, dedication and this amazing resource.


Jakaira - 1 year ago

I have always been interested in yoga. I have been healing from a back injury and your video's are amazing. This would be a wonderful opportunity. i would love the practice. Takes time and dedication.

Esther - 1 year ago

Thank you all for your contributions! We have picked three people. You will have gotten a personal message by now if we picked you. Do keep us and eachother up to date of your progress by leaving comments under the blogposts of the lucky ones. That way you can all do it together. Again thank you so much for trusting us with your personal stories. I would have loved to pick you all!
Good luck with the beginners month!

Victoria - 1 year ago

Congratulations to those who will be blogging and sharing their experiences with us. I'm really looking forward to reading your posts! This is a great community.
Eugene, Oregon

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