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Shoulder health and chest opening


The shoulder joints are the main area addressed in this program where we introduce some principles from the Somatic Movement Education. These movements are designed to bring awareness in the shoulders to encourage the release of habitual postural patterns that cause tension and pain.

By moving gently and with awareness, we allow the nervous system to recognize and release tension, and to go back to a pleasant and free movement.

All the classes start with some simple movements, to move onto a yoga practice that creates the correct foundation for chest opening postures. The program guides us and finishes with a view on the classical back bend Urdhva Dhanurasana.

It is crucial to cultivate the correct alignment and opening of the shoulder joint in order to enjoy the full benefits of chest opening postures: lightness, freedom, expansion and a strong back that will stay healthy and will give us a beautiful posture for the years to come.

As with all the programs, the classes can be taken individually but they give an excellent progression if practiced in succession. Give yourself plenty of time and practice regularly and you will see the results!

Videos of Shoulder health and chest opening

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