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Esther Ekhart

Teacher: Esther Ekhart

“Teaching gives me the chance to express my love for life and to share my love for yoga and all the benefits yoga has to offer with others.” 

As the daughter of a yoga teacher, Esther started practicing yoga early in life.....

Esther followed two main training paths: one in Hatha yoga with the Saswitha Foundation in Zeist, Netherlands; the other in the Vinyasa yoga style with David Curtis (who trained under Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller) in Ireland.

She took classes and attended retreats with many wonderful teachers as well, among them world-renowned yoga instructors Sarah Powers and Clive Sheridan, who taught her not to take anything too seriously. Esther completed her yoga anatomy studies with Leslie Kaminoff in 2013.

Besides taking classes, Esther has endlessly practiced yoga, studied yoga and looked for ways to find an end to suffering. This quest brought Esther to train with her beloved teacher Taetske Kleijn, becoming a “clarity trainer” as well. Esther taught yoga and worked as a therapist for 11 years in her own yoga studio, the Boab Centre, in Ireland. At the moment she lives in the Netherlands again.

To reach more people, Esther started making yoga video tutorials that she uploaded to YouTube. Nearly 150,000 people worldwide now follow her short tutorials and sometimes longer classes. Esther Ekhart then founded her website,

“Throughout my life, practicing yoga taught me to relax, how to find a way out of worries and stress. Yoga showed me the joys of being fit and strong. Yoga taught me to self-reflect and to accept life as it comes," Esther says.

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“Finally, yoga and my clarity work showed me that there is nothing to ‘find’ and that everything I was looking for is ‘right here, right now.’ And all I could ever ‘do’ was to let go of the bondage that stopped me from experiencing the truth. For that I will always be very grateful to both ‘the path of yoga’ and the ‘clarity process’ and the miracle that life is, in general.

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