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Backbends: A pathway to Dhanurasana. Opening and supporting the heart. To help you open yourself confidently to the world, propelled by an inner strength from the heart and sincerity of the mind, this class introduces the backbends, providing a pathway to Dhanurasana.


Martha - 2 years ago

=) thanks!!

milen - 1 year ago

Thank you!:)

Helen - 1 year ago

Hi Olav. I have a question. In the Locust pose, when I interlock my thumbs and place my arms straight underneath me, then lift my legs, my pelvic bones press hard into my hands and wrists, and it is very painful. Am I positioned incorrectly? Is there an adaptation I should try? Thank you. Helen

Olav - 1 year ago

Hello Helen,

Thanks for your question.
Maybe you could position your hands in your groins. Also, you could bend your arms a bit so they do not touch your pelvic bones but make contact with the soft tissue of the abdomen (right next/close to the pelvic bones).
All the best, Olav

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