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Balance your liver and gall bladder meridians

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Balance your liver and gall bladder meridians


Work on your liver and gall bladder meridian in this class. The liver is the primary chemical factory of the body. It regulates and coordinates the movement of chi everywhere within us. The liver rules the health of muscles, tendons, nails, hands, and feet. Its sense doors are the eyes. It is also responsible for balancing emotions. The gall bladder relates to our ability to follow our path in life. It also relates to our capacity to regain equilibrium after a shock.

Part of the Just Yin Yoga program


Ramani - 2 years ago

A calming, relaxing sequence which leaves the body feeling expansive. I particularly appreciate the less demanding versions of each posture offered at each stage. I didn't have to keep looking at the screen because Francesca gave clear instructions that were easy to follow even with my eyes closed. Thank you.

Francesca - 2 years ago

Thank you for your lovely feed back Ramani!

Nathalie - 1 year ago

Nice! Thank you Francesca

Wendy Mo-Keat - 11 months ago

So great! Thanks!

Carol - 5 months ago

Thank you Francesca for the lovely class, I am so relaxed now!

Tina - 5 months ago

Very nice. Helped me a lot :)

Laia - 2 months ago

This was just wonderful, Francesca!!!!!! xx

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