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Feel good flow

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Feel good flow


A gentle flow class focusing on upper back, shoulder openers and hip work. This class promises to make you feel good afterwards. Some of the poses practiced are: Puppy Dog Pose, Thread the Needle Pose, Three-Leg Down Dog Pose, Pigeon Pose, Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, Cow Face Pose, Full Forward Bend, Cobbler Pose, Wide Angle Pose, Reversed Table Pose, Shoulder Stand and Plow Pose.


Alessandra - 2 years ago

Great class Esther :) but It s always difficult for me finding balance during the pigeon pose

Cathy - 2 years ago

Namaste. Cathy

Liz - 2 years ago

it's a little too fast for my skill level, but it is lovely, namaste

Louise - 2 years ago

Very soothing class, thank you Esther xx

Jane - 2 years ago

lovely class, thankyou Esther

Esther - 2 years ago

Very happy you all like it ... with regards it going a little fast liz, take it at your own pace and once you get more familiar with the poses it will get easier. Lots of love to you all !

Annette - 2 years ago

lovely class. I like it. Thankyou for making this possible.

Helga - 1 year ago

Two milestones with this class; my frist shoulderstand after years again and a relief in my always stiff shoulders. Thank you, Esther!

Esther - 1 year ago

You're welcome Helga!

Tina - 11 months ago

Exactly the right demands at exactly the right times, just as you were here to support me. Thank you and Team so much for this and all those wonderful classes. Namaste

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