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Gentle beginners Yoga practice

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Gentle beginners Yoga practice


Esther takes you through a gentle sequence. We start off with a flow to synchronize breath and movement, then move on to some lunges to open the hips, sun salutations, some Cat Poses with leg lifts to work on some strength, some gentle backbends, and work on the core to top it off. A cool down than leads to a relaxation. This class balances you if you are tired, over stimulated, or in need of some energy. Very enjoyable Yoga class!

Part of the Beginners Next Step Program with Esther


Jane - 2 years ago

yes, very enjoyable thank you!

Esther - 2 years ago

You are welcome Jane..

Australian Shepherd - 1 year ago


Doug - 1 year ago

This is a really nice class. Strengthening, stretching and introducing some flow too. Thank you, this one goes in my favourites. :)

Rachael - 1 year ago

That was amazing Esther. Thank you so much. I just hit yoga magic : )

Le - 11 months ago

Thank you, Esther. I learn something new today, I need to put more effort in yoga, as you said, if you are a type who tends to take it easy and get things out, you should work harder in yoga, to balance it. :)

Le - 11 months ago

Thank you, Esther. I learn something new today, I need to put more effort in yoga, as you said, if you are a type who tends to take it easy and get things out, you should work harder in yoga, to balance it. :)

Distel - 10 months ago

loved this class! i have knee problems and low lunge is possible if i put my knee on a soft blanket, but moving in and out of it is hard. do you have any tips for me?

Claire - 10 months ago

Lovely class!

Evelyn - 8 months ago

Esther, thank you so much, You are the teacher I have been waiting for. I love your style of teaching, and this video was amazing to me. I could feel so much of old tension patterns relaxing, during the poses, but when I got to the last pose, the relaxation pose, my body tensed up, and I could not relax, and today after the routine, I still feel tense. I want to continue to work with this level of classes, but wonder if I ought to also practice more yin practices, to help release the deeper tension? I am close to 60 years of life, and in fairly good health, have been practicing Gi Gong, as I could not find yoga classes that helped me. This site is Godsend to me, as there are so many wonderful options, just what I was looking for. So my question is that if body cramps up, tenses up during relaxation pose, does this mean working it too hard?

Myrthe - 8 months ago

Hi Evelyn,
Esther is away at the moment but ill pass on your message to her. :)
I think you should go with what you feel is right.. Try some Yin classes - and see where that takes you.. Also maybe repeat this class one or two more times and see if you still tense up in the relaxation pose. let us know?

Evelyn - 8 months ago

Hi Myrthe, Thank you for responding. I redid the practice today and what I realized is that the first time I did it, I was not in touch with my body now. I am returning to yoga after not doing classes for a long time. and this website, Esther's classes, even the beginner ones as so far superior to what I have been doing. and they challenge me in a good way, but as I have been listening to Esther, I realize I must listen to my body and do what is right for me, let go of striving to be somewhere else. Now realize that what happened to me before, was first of all I stressed my body by expecting it to be easy class, rather than accept that for me it is challenging. and secondly the class got me in more in touch with my body, the tension I felt was there all the time. only difference being that I was feeling it. so now am doing better. thanks again for the wonderful guidance in the yoga videos here. and for your helpful response.

Fiona - 6 months ago

Hi Esther
I have been struggling a bit with going from plank to - knees, chest, chin. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get from knees to chest without collapsing! Any tips? I feel like my arms are in the wrong place. They are in line with my shoulders but I always want to move them forward.
Thanks- am really enjoying learning yoga and wish id done it years ago.
Fiona x

Esther - 6 months ago

Hi Fiona,
Practice this video, and just build it up from the beginning, you'll soon get stronger..

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