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Healing the wrists, elbows and shoulders with yoga

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Healing the wrists, elbows and shoulders with yoga


In this hatha yoga class the focus is on staying present in the moment. It will show you how to align your arms and wrists so they strengthen and heal.


Glenda - 2 years ago

Great practice, thank you. I have previously injured my wrist from poor alignment. This class is really helpful.

Sandra - 2 years ago

Hi Glenda, thank you, I'm happy it helps you do the poses with good alignment!

Robin - 1 year ago

Sandra, thank you for this class. It offered great release in my shoulders,arms and wrists. Such a blessing. thank you.

elaine - 1 year ago

I have had elbow surgery to remove bone fragments from my severely arthritic elbow. My upper back has become quite rounded I think due to protecting my arm. I would like a practice that will open my chest and strengthen my upper back without hurting my elbow. Is this practice suitable.

Sandra - 1 year ago

@Elaine, you would be better off doing restorative backbends for now and slowly increasing the workload on your elbow (make sure you consult with your doctor) before attempting a more intense class.

Pureza - 1 year ago

I have problems with my wrists in many , many poses this class helped a lot. I will be repeating it often.

Silvia - 1 year ago

wuau great class thank you

Nancy - 1 year ago

I found some lovely poses here, Sandra. Thank you!

ghita - 11 months ago

Dear Sandra you wouldn't know,but you have helped me in many ways.
I could use a lot of words, but in short I just like you and you cool spirit that easily reaches out of my ipad and onto my mat and into my soul.
That was the general part:-)
Now the practical .......
I have recently had some problems with my wrists and this praxis is a very good to become aware of alignment .
I have a wish : Could you possibly make a viniyasa praxis video using these wristpositions where you don't apply pressure on the heel of the hands ?
I know I can just do it on my own, but it would be so great with your pleasant guidance through an ordinary viniyasa flow with these modifications.
Namaste GHITA

Sandra - 11 months ago

@Ghita: :)
Thank you! Let me see what I can come up with as far as a flow class with wrist openers and strengthening poses. Stay tuned!

ghita - 11 months ago

Great ! thx - and will indeed stay tuned :-)

Magdalena - 9 months ago

Excellent class, Sandra! And much more effective than the exercises my physiotherapist showed me to get rid of tension in my shoulder ;)

Corinne - 7 months ago

I shattered my right wrist almost 30 years ago and have very limited range of motion in it since the surgery, and also arthritis has built up in it. Because of this my right arm is also much weaker than I think, as I find when trying to do yoga, which I only started a couple months ago. I was absolutely thrilled with the variation in wrist position you showed us for down dog! It was SO easy and felt so right in my arms. Also, being able to do side planks on forearms is another thing I hadn't thought of. I usually just skip the side planks in the videos. Thank you so much Sandra!!

Katharina - 7 months ago

Dear Sandra, I had no idea, how much tension and energie was accumulated in my hands and lower arms -and how this affects my back... it clicked and cracked a lot during the practice and feels so relieved by now. Thank you very much!
One question: I'm not sure what to do with my thumb. As when I put its root on the floor, the wrist also touches the matt / the whole hand is kind of sloping. So should only the top of the thumb press down?
Thanks -Katharina

todd - 7 months ago

Sandra, you are amazing! I LOVE your classes! You have such a strong, yet peaceful way about you and even though I'm weak in some of the moves, you help me feel at peace with where I am yet steadily improving...a challenging balance! I love what you said about the silver lining to injuries--that's so right that it helps us know our misalignments. Blessings on you!!!

Sandra - 7 months ago

@Katharina: When your hand touches the mat in any weight bearing positions, ideally your whole hand touches, except the center of your palm. If you would envision your hand as a suction cup, the center lifts and the outer ring of the cup is firmly pressing down. So keep that same image when your hands touch the floor. The second thing here is to keep the energy (both weight and strength) in the hand equally distributed, meaning that the outside of the hand (pinky finger side) presses dow as much as the inside (thumb side). This balance in energy is easier when the shoulders are open and integrated, so shoulder opening poses are good to do if you are having a difficult time keeping the balance. Hope this helps!

@Todd: thank you so much :)

CatherineH - 1 week ago

Thanks was a good reminder of things I should be doing

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