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Pranayama is consciously delaying and extending the in- and exhalation and breathing pauses. We start with a short meditation, followed by various basic Pranayamas. We end with a short relaxation. In this class we explore the basics of the breathing techniques of Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Anuloma, and Prattiloma Pranayama. We explore the breathing techniques themselves as well as introducing an accessible rhythm to work with.


Helena - 1 year ago

Hi Olav,
this was my first breathing lesson and I find it very interesting! Would you please write more about the effects of these techniques on our body, mind and spirit? :)

Helena - 1 year ago

Also, your detailed explanation is really easy to follow! :)

Nicola - 10 months ago

Hi, Olaf

To start the new year, I fell and broke my right upper arm near the shoulder, as well as dislocated my shoulder. I think the healing will go well (which I largely attribute to having practiced yoga for the past seven years - I don't need a cast as my soft tissues are flexible and strong enough to hold my shoulder joint and nearby fracture well in place) but I won't be doing many asanas that involve the shoulder for a few weeks. So it's a perfect opportunity to do a little more pranayama than usual.

My question is about alternate nostril breathing. Since I cannot use my right hand, I will use the left. Is there anything special I should change in the technique as a consequence of using the left hand?


Olav - 10 months ago

Hello Nicola,
It is OK to use your left hand. You do not have to change anything, start the same as instructed only use your left handin stead of your right.
All the best.

Esther - 9 months ago

Hello Olaf!

Thanks. Is there any changes that we can do in Anuloma? As counting in less than six seconds?

And what about inhaling through one nostril and directly exhaling through the oposite, instead of inhaling through both and exhaling through one? Is that another Pranayama? May be Anuloma Viloma or Nadi Sodana?

Thank you very much

Esther G.

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