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Standing poses class 1

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Standing poses class 1


First week, class 1. Practice a variety of standing poses to get stronger and to increase your stability on and off the mat. This class prepares you for the 60 minutes class on friday. Practice this class as many times you need to get comfortable with all the poses. When you need to take a break in between, do so. Just pause the video or come out of the poses sooner. In time you will be able to follow this class without pausing. Enjoy the process of building strength and stability on the mat and feeling it flowing into your daily life off the mat!

Part of the Yoga Month Challenge


Stine - 2 years ago

Nice poses, great class :)

Monika - 2 years ago

great glass! I enjoyed it so much..Thank you :)

Jane - 2 years ago

beautiful class, have to work on my half moon! thank you x

Katie - 2 years ago

Nice class - easing into the poses is new to me; I really got to see where I've rushed it in the past. The left leg half moon is a challenge! :) Thank you!

Nora - 2 years ago

I enjoyed the first class. Thank you!

Seda - 2 years ago

I really enjoyed it.Love you Esther.Namaste <3

Cassandra - 2 years ago

oh wow... I felt that everywhere.... going to need to practice Half Moon on the left side though!! This is the first time I've ever had detail explanations of how your muscles should be activated. My legs are still tingling!!! :) Lovely!!! thank you!

Anat - 2 years ago

good morning everyone
i know one thing all the ankle muscles - I felt them very well
nice practice

Esther - 2 years ago

Good morning everyone, half moon is definitely a challenge, it still is for me ! Great though, you work on so many things at the same time, stability, balance, strength, flexibility. Once you got this pose a lot of the other standing poses will come easier! Keep at it...

Britt - 2 years ago

This class was very useful. I loved the fact that you explained every pose in detail, as that made it easier for me to find out if I did it correctly. The half moon pose is still quite difficult - especially on the left side. When I do bridge pose I feel a little pressure in my lower back, does that mean I'm over stretching or working too hard?

Esther - 2 years ago

Hi Britt, Pay attention to keeping the lower back long, before you lift the hips off the floor flatten your back, and keep that length that that action creates in the lower back, once your hips are lifted remind yourself once more to lengthen your tailbone to the back of the knees. Play around in the pose as well for yourself, what action in the poses relieves the pressure and creates opening for you? In the end there is no one right answer for every body! Your body is your best teacher.

Ali - 2 years ago

Lovely class Esther, thank you! The hardest pose for me is the forward bend. My hamstrings feel so tight! Plenty of practice needed to loosen them up!
You explain the moves very well and you have such a peaceful relaxing voice, I always feel like I get a workout and a relax at the same time!

Pasztor - 2 years ago

Thank You Esther!

Olivia - 2 years ago

That was tough I'm so out of practice, my muscles are very tight as was in a car accident a few weeks ago, so this will be great motivation to get my strength back. Will try it again on Tuesday. Thanks esther looking forward to the next class.

Zeynep - 2 years ago

I've experienced this class just 10 minutes ago :)
It was a grate arrangement for a 30 minutes class. I realy feel that my feet and legs are strengthened.
And I have to say that Im so impressed and inspired by preparation of utthita trikonasana :)

Thank you :)

Sarah - 2 years ago

This was actually a little stressful for me. The video takes forever to buff, so I was stuck, sometimes in the middle of a transition, while waiting for the video to buffer. I have high speed internet, etc., so I'm not sure if there's a fix through this server or not.
Otherwise, GREAT video!!

ana - 2 years ago

Thank you for this class, it was great. I feel really energized. Also had some trouble with half moon pose on my left side. I hope tomorrow it will be better. Can't wait for the next class!!!

Esther - 2 years ago

Sarah, I'm sorry to hear that. That shouldn't be the case, it should work fine. Did you try it on the lower bitrate at 700 ? There is a quality button below in the right corner of the player.. We'll have a look at what is going on. Thanks for letting me know.

Zoe - 2 years ago

Hi Esther! My first full class with you - brilliant! Hoping for these to support my one class a week with my local teacher, enjoying the private time practicing... If only I had a spacious room like yours to practice, not quite the same when I keep hitting the lampshade with my arms ;) looking forward to the next one!

Roberta - 2 years ago

perfect first lesson. thank you! i will put my feedback here in two groups in order to make it clear but please when i speak about negative feedback it is not really "negative" but i use this word in order say what the difficulties i felt, perhaps like a "difficulty" feedback!!
positive feedback: I've really appreciate the way you began the lesson ...lying down, listening one's body, being aware of one's breathing. perfect: normally we use it at the end of the class (in savasana) but i felt perfect in peace beginning your lesson this way! i could feeling my body more deeply and i could respect my breathing more deeply.
negative feedback: it is difficult for my hamstrings to enter directly in triangle pose without many warming poses before...
after the lesson i felt completely good!
tomorrow i will repeat the lesson! happy to do it

Pablo - 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for the practice, Esther. It´s was nice, I hope for you too.
I really got lost with the inhale and exhale series and following the english. I predict this but not the consequences.
Even so I´m happy thinking I´ll learn alternative stuffs extra :)) Be patient
See you

Reni - 2 years ago

Hi Esther,
my problem is I have bad knees so even the most basic standing poses such as warrior or side angle are a huge challenge for me and I am in great pain only after a very short period of time. This makes me very frustrated and disappointed. Do you have any advice for this, how can I modify poses etc? Or is there any way to strengthen the knees and lessen pain? It would be such a huge help. I would really appreciate if anyone had any advice on this... many thanks.
Otherwise great class, and I will try to keep doing it the whole month

Shideh - 2 years ago

Dear Esther,
Thank you so much for this class. Really clear. What I find challenging is up-dog or cobra; with both I feel pressure in my lower back, shoulders feel tight too. I'll keep practicing these consciously, but any advice would be really appreciated.
Look forward to doing this again, and to the next class.

Lori - 2 years ago

Hi Esther,

I am so glad to be part of the September Yoga Month group :-) It is still exciting for me that you are providing such great quality online videos. I have been taking yoga classes off and on for about 10 years and I have been searching for a video or even audio tape to help me with my home practice. I have always been disappointed in some way with everything I have purchased or watched online until now. Esther YOU ROCK :-)

Now on to class 1 - I enjoyed my practice. As other members I struggled with the 1/2 moon pose. It is a pose I have never "mastered" so I wasn't surprised to be so wobbly. I appreciated the mini-savasana at the beginning. It helped me shift from life into yoga. It was funny though as you were explaining STOP and allowing everything to just be my black lab bolted across the floor and started to lick my face. Oh the love of a lab and I allowed the love to just be, hahaha. I appreciated your explanation of the subtleties of the asanas as it helps teach me what to look for, how it feels, and how to get there. Yoga is a process and you are really helping me with that process. After tonight's class I felt good. I did have some pain due to my joint (arthritis) and muscular skeletal problems as well as I have a tendency to push myself. I am glad you reminded me to not push and listen to my body. I love your soft voice and I really appreciate that you don't have background sounds or music. I am going to practice class 1 again tomorrow night and I look forward to class 2 on Wednesday. Namaste

Esther - 2 years ago

Reni K. Hi, I can imagine that pain in your knee is frustrating. When the knees are weak you should spend a little extra time in warming them up before your yoga practice. An example is to stand with your feet together and your knees bend. Place the hands on your knees with your arms straight and your fingers pointing toward your toes. Keep your knees together and rotate them in a circular motion. When you have knee trouble you also want to warm up hips and ankles. The knee pain could come from stiff hips as well, so warm up the hips with some squats and hip circles as well. For the standing poses you can sit on a chair to take the weight of the knees, but you still get the stretch in the hips, when the hips open more the knee pain might change as well... Also look at my youtube video about knees on my channel for more ideas and tips.
Good luck!

Esther - 2 years ago

Shideh Lennon Hi, In Upward Facing Dog Pose / Urdhva Mukha Svanasana and Cobra Pose / Bhujangasana it is really important to lift the hip points,( the bony part at the front of the hips) towards the ribcage. That action lengthens the lower back. That might help you to relieve pressure. The other thing is of course to go less far and be more conservative till the back opens up more. Taking sfinx pose instead of cobra and leaving up dog altogether, at least keeping the knees down. Withregards to the shoulders keep the elbows a bit bend, draw the shoulders down and top of the shoulders back. Arms don't have to be straight. Hope this helps :)

Esther - 2 years ago

Lori Marshall Ah, exactly what my dog would do :-) Good reaction, let the love enter!!


Mary Jane - 2 years ago

Beautiful practice. I love starting in a centering meditation. Your explanation of half moon made it easier for me to get into the pose, which has always been difficult. Thank you!!!!

Zorana - 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this class and I love the whole idea about yoga month. Since I'm in the middle of preparing for my exams, I find this class pretty energising and revitalising. Dynamic Utthita Trikonasana works great for me as a preparation for the full position. I'm looking forward to the next class.
Thanks fot this lovely project =)

Katie - 2 years ago

Just finished doing the class for the second time. I can already feel some improvement. :)

Roberta - 2 years ago

today i put my insight on the last pose paschimottanasana that was my negative feedback yesterday: I felt my beck more and more, looking for extension of my beck and with acceptance for the way it is and finally I felt ok when I entered in savasana. better then yesterday
a question: I felt also my psoas very tired. perhaps I used too much them in paschimottanasana? how can i do to work on my beckbending without force too much the ileopsoas? or do you think is good to work it hard?

Melinda - 2 years ago

Hi Esther!
It's so great to practice along with you! It's energizing and calming at the same time.
I've been following you for some months, and I am getting better and better!
Half Moon Pose is so fantastic! It was new to me, and I love that it also needs so much strength and stability what I want to build up in my body and mind. :)
Thank you!

Thomas - 2 years ago

Hi Ester!
I have just finiched the the class for the first time together with my wife. You are so great talking us in to the poses. All the details in the instructions are very god and yet you are able to make space for every differences there might be in every idividual body.
The feeling during and after the class is great :-)
Thank you!

Cara - 2 years ago

Hi Esther,

I really love this class, and I've done it every day since it came out. I'm having a bit of a problem, though -- it keeps stopping to reload, sometimes in the middle of a pose, other times as I'm transitioning into and out of poses. I haven't had any problems with other websites, nor have I had problems with other videos on this site or you youtube videos. I've changed it to the lower quality, and I no longer make it full-screen, but to no avail. I wonder if it's heavy site traffic or something else?

Beany - 2 years ago

Wow. That was exactly what I needed! The Half Moon pose was new for me. I could do it- but much improvement is needed. It's evening here-- and I feel this was a great practice for evening as well as it would be morning. As Melinda said-- it's calming and energizing. Now I can make a lovely, healthy supper and enjoy a wonderful productive yet relaxing evening. Thanks! Look forward to the next class (after I do this one more time).

Lori - 2 years ago

Hi Esther,

As this is my second practice of class 1 I noticed an areas of difficulty I missed last night. While in triangle pose I hurt my right lower back and right hip. The pain occurs when I reach out with my right arm and lower it to the floor. When I reach out with my left arm and lower it to the floor my left lower back and left hip feel tight or strained. Do you have any advice as to what I may be doing that causes this pain + tightness. Thanks.

Katy - 2 years ago

Hi Esther,

First thank you for wonderful classes, they have helped me immensity throughout my graduate school program. I do not know what I would do with your wonderful videos to help my body and quiet my mind. Second, I really liked this video. It was a great length and the intro of how to position front leg in triangle pose was very helpful as well. Half moon pose was the only standing pose I really struggled to do. Thank you for the lovely class.


Megan - 2 years ago

Esther, thank you so much for the free September classes. I've practiced Class 1 every day since the 1st, and I'm excited to continue.

I can feel how helpful the balance poses have been and will be--physically (today I tripped but avoided a scary fall) and mentally. My life is sometimes frighteningly out of balance, so it's a huge relief to find a way to feel centered. I know that daily yoga will be powerfully and increasingly stabilizing.

Jacinta - 2 years ago

Sorry Esther the videos are playing that way for me too....I have to wait for the buffer to continue. i have used it to my advantage though taking a breath or staying in the position. But it is a bit awkward when you are giving an instruction. Great site and thank you.

Rebecca - 2 years ago

This was my first "full" yoga class since giving birth three weeks ago... needless to say, it was challenging :). It also reminded me that it will be a pleasure to get back into my yoga practice. I have been doing a few sun salutations daily since the birth, and this definitely challenged me in terms of balance and stamina. Like many others have said, I found the half-moon pose to be the most challenging. My hamstrings are tighter than they've ever been, and my balance has some rebounding to do as well.

Whenever I felt it was difficult, though, I must say that your instructions and kind, patient voice helped me focus and breathe through it! Looking forward to the rest of the month.

Esther - 2 years ago

@Jacinta Costello, at the bottom of your player is a "quality" button, click that and select "700" Hope that will solve your buffer-problem.

Alice - 2 years ago

thank you Esther, I do it and I feel better. I like this class, I'm italian and sometimes I don't know all the details of your instructions...but I'm trying to learn following you in your video, you are the best! Namaste.

Rice - 2 years ago

class one was fantastic! though like many others i struggled with the half moon but it got easier on day 2 :-)

Maria Alejandra - 2 years ago

Hi Esther, a question about half moon, as well as this video is not for advanced yogis, could you start it with a block and then leave it?. First time i tried to get inside this asana, it was hard for me, but using a block from the very beginning it was easy. Thank you so much, for all your classes. Your voice guide me. Namaste.

Shameem - 2 years ago

thankyou esther for doing it free now ican see them

Dominika - 2 years ago

Hi Esther, first class is fantastic.Whole webside is awesome, full of professional details, so significant for begginers, like me. Thank You for doing this for free :D

Esther - 2 years ago

@ Roberta Morisi, Hi Roberta, its good to work the psoas but don't forget to release the psoas as well. It sounds to me yours is a bit tight. I will upload a yoga class soon all about releasing the psoas, and back bending. That might shed some light! Thank you so much for your feedback! All the best..

Esther - 2 years ago

Cara Jones Hi Cara, The heavy traffic could definitely be the reason! We will make the video's available in 400 as well, that should help too. Let me know if you keep having problems.

Esther - 2 years ago

@Maria Alejandra Duarte, Hi, of course you only use a block till you don't need it anymore. If you feel comfortable trying it without, that would be great!

Lauren - 2 years ago

I enjoyed this video so much. I didn't get to do it until Saturday because of my school schedule, and I wanted to try it again but I was shocked to see that its not free anymore. It was free on Saturday! But it was a great class and I feel it EVERYWHERE!

Josh - 2 years ago

Darn, I was going to try this series but it looks like it's no longer free. I thought this series would be for the month of September? :o(
The last one is but the first two are not. I guess I am too late to join in the legs I'll start with twists then.
Thank you so much for the videos!

Michael - 2 years ago

This was a terrific, yet challenging practice. I felt the benefits for two days !

Vera - 2 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Louise - 1 year ago

Lovely to go back to this Esther, thank you as always x

Lolita - 1 year ago

Hi Esther, Happy Anniversary. This month will be one year that i've been with you guys and loveing it still. You and all the other instructors are the BEST when it comes to TRUE, BEAUTIFUL AND REWARDING YOGA. Thanks again for being there for me and so many who love doing yoga with you guys. NAMASTE (-:

Roger - 1 year ago

Very inspiring class! One question--in Happy Baby pose, if holding your feet causes the sacrum to lift, should you then hold the ankles and keep the sacrum grounded?

Esther - 1 year ago

Thank you Lolita! Also for your continuing support ..

Roger, keep the sacrum on the floor as a rule, but it is always good to vary now and then if it feels good..

Jocelyne - 1 year ago

Thank you! Great class, such a pleasure to take these classes with you Esther...

Jessica - 8 months ago

Wow, I didn't expect to be so sore the next day! In a good way, though. :) That half moon is going to take some practice.

Myrthe - 2 months ago

Great class! Thanks Esther.. Day one of the yoga month challenge down.. now back to work :)

Pedro - 2 months ago

Have to pay for the yoga challenge!?

Esther - 2 months ago

Hey Pedro, Yes you have to be a member, but we do have a 2 week free trial you can try -

Maria - 2 months ago

It was absolutely amazing to get back to my yoga mat again! Thank you, Esther! Great class!)

Sarah - 2 months ago

Thank you Esther. A lovely class :-)

Lisbeth - 2 months ago

Thank you Esther, great class and nice to be at the mat again, with awareness and joy! I will bring your advice with me tomorrow, about to feel the feet and the legs.

Shobana - 2 months ago

Lovely class, esther and a great start to National Yoga month! I find the sitting forward bend quite challenging - seems difficult to keep a straight back and I don't seem to move that much forward either.. will keep practising till I get flexible. Will keep your advice with me and be more aware of my feet and legs. You are an amazing guru ! Namaste ! __/\__

Molly - 2 months ago

Esther, you're the best. Thank you for sharing your practice with us.

Ashley - 2 months ago

Thank you for continuing to offer these special month long programs, they help me so much to get back into my yoga routine when life has led me astray for awhile. Spending some time in your classes helps keep me centered mentally and physically. I am so grateful for your website and time.

Distel - 2 months ago

that was a beautiful class for me today. thank you!

Martha - 2 months ago

Dear Esther: Going into the Half Moon pose doesn't flow well for me coming from the previous one. Could you recommend a short class that would prepare me for this? Other than that, just loving the September program so far. Thank you, Martha

Gesine - 2 months ago

Great class, I enjoyed it!:) Thank you, Esther!:)

Aoife - 2 months ago

Thank you for a wondeful class Esther, really enjoyed it! :) I was trying to add it to My Favourites but can't seem to do it for some reason. Thanks a million! Aoife xxx

Jessica - 2 months ago

Just getting started on the Sept. program as it was too hot and humid here in Boston the last three days! Thanks for this class, Esther.

Lolita - 2 months ago

Lovely as usual Esther. xoxo. Namaste

Kelly - 2 months ago

Thank you.

Hanna - 2 months ago

Jessica: I'm in the same boat! Boston has not been conducive to yoga practice this summer but I'm looking forward to getting back to something more regular starting with this class.

Jennifer - 2 months ago

Great class! This is the first class I watched after subscribing. I can already feel the stress in my body and mind starting to float away. Looking forward to my next class tomorrow!

Sandra - 2 months ago

Esther, I love your classes! U R awesome!

Esther - 2 months ago

Hi Martha,
You could try this class.. it might be built up a little differently, some of the cues might sit better with you.

Esther - 2 months ago

Thanks everyone for all your comments. Big love

Cindi - 3 days ago

I just joined and love the Sept challenge!! I love everything about Eckhart yoga!!

Thank you, Esther!!

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