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Twists class 1

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Twists class 1


Second week, class 1. Create space in your organs, detoxify through digesting emotions and experiences and feel your spine healthier and more fluid after this practice. Starting with a gentle warm up to activate the core and then a flow of standing poses with a twist that builds up slowly. Enjoy the strength in the legs that you already build up in the Standing poses week. A gentle cool down prepares you for a well deserved Savasana.

Part of the Yoga Month Challenge


Katie - 2 years ago

This was really interesting for me. I've never focused on twists before - such a different feeling, physically, at the end...different good, that is. When moving from one pose to another and another I felt like I was dancing (a pretty inflexible dancer, but still :) - how nice.

Esther - 2 years ago

That is great Katie, I'm happy it gave you a different experience, gets us out of our comfort zone and expands our horizons!

Jane - 2 years ago

yes, very lovely, moving from one pose to another, I really like these dancing sequences, and the way you build them up gradually,

Beany - 2 years ago

I love twists! For some reason I wasn't able to fully engage my mind in this practise-- perhaps I wasn't as aware of my breath as I could have been. A great physical practise! When I repeat it, I'll try harder at breath awareness to fully benefit from this fantastic class. Thanks!

Alexandra - 2 years ago

That proved more difficult than I would have expected, but really enjoyable. Need to work on my balance more. I definitively want to repeat this class at least once. I really enjoyed it. Weird, I also had some trouble engaging my mind. But I was already agitated before starting. I'll see what happens next time.

Elzemieke - 2 years ago

I <3 to twist! Really enjoyed this class, but I suppose I do have to figure out right from left in the last few twists... Looking forward to practising it again :)

Alice - 2 years ago

thank you. I love it but last twist is difficult for me I cannot put my foot on my thigh as you. ;) Namaste.

Annemarie - 2 years ago

thanks for all the great twists.
I also love twists, especially the standing twists, the flow to warrior II, side stretch and triangle was really fun

the sitting twists were quite hard for me, but i tried to force myself not to much and enjoy
look forwar to wednesday :)

Yuri - 2 years ago

oh my God, after the twists shavasana was soooo goood =)) thanks Esther so much!

Trisha - 2 years ago

Lovely! Thank you!

Judy - 2 years ago

Loved this class, afterward I felt lighter somehow. I had to do variations of a couple, but they worked well. Thank You :))

Lori - 2 years ago

I felt uncoordinated tonight and I too had a hard time focusing. My day was hectic though and during my practice the phone kept ringing, my dog kept barking, my husband was walking in and out....AHHHH!! But I kept telling myself STOP and allow, which helped.

Karin - 2 years ago

That was a great start of the day! x

Pablo - 2 years ago

Elzemieke de Tiege , at first I was wrong in the warrior twist too... some patrons are changing!!
Lori, sometimes is better don´t fight against or put your phone in mute mode, calm your dog with juicy food and tell your husband that practice with you! jeje :-))
And... I don´t sure to understand the meaning of "create space" in column bones and internal organs, maybe someone couldd help me?

Zorana - 2 years ago

I like very much the transition from one asana to another, especially from high lounge with a twist to Virabhadrasana 2, as someone had allready said, it felt like dancing. It was a little bit chalenging to get up before that in high lounge, I had to really engage my core, very good exercise though =)

Araba - 2 years ago

I can´t see the video...

Mat - 2 years ago

Me neither.

Adrienne - 2 years ago

where is the video? I cannot see it either :(

Liz - 2 years ago

A mildly challenging and beautiful class. One of my favorites so far! Thank you :-)

Zlatka - 2 years ago

Thanks for the class, I missed last week as I did some other classes, but after one your twist I wanted to give this one go. I will definitively follow up now on. It was a bit challenging, but I feel nicely jelly-like afterwards. Exactly what I needed after slightly depressing day. Not sure though, if I would do this class in morning. I feel so relaxed it's like going to sleep now. :)

Katy - 2 years ago

Really enjoyed the class, it was very cleansing. I had a lot of trouble with the twist that followed triangle pose. Even with a block I still had trouble. Any suggestions to help that pose. Thank you for another wonderful class!!

Jackie - 2 years ago

Challenging...really lead to great yoga nidra....Thanks Esther.....

Shideh - 2 years ago

Hi Esther,
Wow, I found this class challenging from beginning to end. Shoulders and upper back really felt it; I wasn't sure when to push and when to ease off, other than staying with the breath. Emotions came up too ... I welcome that, if only to see them, allow them to be, and let them go as they will.

Any suggestions from you would be welcome on helping the shoulders and upper back to be more open and soft – with thanks.

Esther - 2 years ago

@Shideh Lennon Best advice is to make sure you keep breathing as you did, and to keep checking that the base of the neck is soft, twist a little less far when that area tenses up. Shoulders down and keep a sense of an open chest as well, again twist less far when you feel that goes. Great about the emotions! Just be aware so they can go, no story around it needed, just feel the energy of the emotions.

Esther - 2 years ago

Hi Katy, that is a difficult pose indeed, twisted triangle. Keep your front knee bend a bit if needed and The top arm, the hand on the sacrum, and only turn your elbow up as much as possible, don't lift the arm in the beginning if that pose is hard. When the pose gets easier for you you start lifting the arm. Hope that helps :-)

Michael - 2 years ago

The twist poses with warrior really gave me a workout, a good way to work out the kinks from last Friday's workout. I really enjoy your guided meditations after every practice. They make my day. Thanks Esther.

Lori - 2 years ago

I agree with you Michael, I really enjoy Esther's guided meditations. And thanks Pablo for your comments. I am really thinking of getting up early and practicing before I go to work. 5:00am would be pretty early. I will let you know if I succeed.

Sabine - 2 years ago

Dear Esther, it was a wonderful start into twist. That are not my favourite asana, but I'm feeling fine in the poses and my back feels very comfortable. Thanks a lot and see you this evening in the 2nd class ;)
Greetings from germany, Sabine

Araba - 2 years ago

Now the video works. Thank you!!

Araba - 2 years ago

Another question: do you have any good bibliography to suggest about Yoga? I would like to know more but I don´t know actually which book could be good for a newbie as I am to get a good insight of the topic. I am also interested in meditation.
Thank you in advance Esther:*

Roberta - 2 years ago

very very good practice. finally in savasana it is possible to feel the stomach...not only the physical place but solar plexus is very hard for my knees to do the last asanas but trying and allowing and not is hard for my shoulders too and i prefer to not bring my hands to the opposite leg in order to open my chest more...thank you!!

Lolita - 2 years ago

Hi Ester Lolita here, I love your classes as i am a new student. Back surgery 3 yrs. ago and was told by The healthy Back Inst. that yoga was the best exercise to do for core strength,flexability and stamana.Boy were they wright. I've been with your classes from the start of the Sept. Yoga Month.and been doing pretty well. The ony class i had some difficulty with was The Twist class 2. My knees and legs can't go back as well and on the back bend , with the supports on the back. Is there another pose to do in place of this one, so i won't feel left out in the process of getting the same benefits. Otherwise continue the great job and making US FEEL GREAT WITH MIND BODY AND SPIRIT. ( HUGS AND THANKS AGAIN )

Lolita - 2 years ago

Lolita Again , sorry i got the classes mixed up , its Twist class 1.CHOW

Margaret - 2 years ago

Esther once again, thank you so much. I know that this sounds crazy but during shavasana..I know I spelled that incorrectly, well during the rest when I was reflecting on the practice I was so moved, almost to tears. I could truly feel your intention of love and wellness for me. I sent love back to you. Thank you again. I am day behind. Blessings. Margaret in Wellsboro PA USA

Antoana - 2 years ago

That was so good I can hardly believe it! From start to end, I felt at ease, and I felt that my body was pretty much moving by itself. Even challenging postures and finding my edge came naturally. For the first time I feel that I am actually flowing! It was great, I even went into chaturanga, which was a pose I though I could not do (seems my arms can hold my body - who would've thought!) I can't wait for the class tomorrow, I would love to do a whole class like that!
Thank you, Esther!

Martha - 2 years ago

I loved this class! It was very challenging, but twists make me feel so good! I have to do modifications for sitting on my feet and half lotus. Glad you suggested sitting on a blanket and letting the foot remain straight out. I'm feeling the progress from last week, too. The standing poses, and even downward facing dog, came more easily. So the sequencing is working for me. Thank you, Esther. - Martha, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Lorna - 2 years ago

This was a great class. So good that savasana was part of the practice rather than very short and incidental, as I have found in other online classes (not Ekartyoga). Fantastic, thank you! Namaste.

Zeldazu - 2 years ago

I like the way the twists make me feel. I have a question, though. What's the best way to alter the initial pose? My knees will not (yet) bend like that and I cannot sit on my ankles (for child's or hero's pose). I felt all crunched onto my head an shoulders. Thanks for any help you can give.

May - 2 years ago

very challenging class, i enjoyed the seated twists the most, exactly what i needed, a very freeing and nurturing class. :)

Esther - 2 years ago

Glad you all like it! Keep twisting, twists are so healthy for you on many levels!

Kamila - 2 years ago

Hi Esther, I have a question about the 1st pose in the class. After about 20-30 seconds into the twist, the arm that rests on the floor always goes painfully numb and stays that way until we move on. This happens on both sides. I didn't want to bother you with such a trivial thing, it's just that I've experienced this every time I redo this move, even if I pull out of the pose, shift my shoulder, etc, I always manage to press that bothersome nerve! Would you happen to know if there are any modified poses I can do instead of the full pose? Any advice would be much appreciated! The rest of the class is absolutely wonderful, of course. :D

Esther - 2 years ago

Hi Kamila, Hmmm, try pulling your armbone in the shoulder socket for circulation, but I think know what nerve it presses, and then it might not work. Just a regular half lord of the fishes pose for the twist and a wide legged chld pose for the inner thigh stretch. Or a baddha konasana with twist, you have both inner tighs and twist. Hope that works for you!

Gesine - 1 year ago

That was wonderful! Thank you!:)

Lolita - 1 year ago

Hi Esther, loved the new twists and the sun salutations w/ it. I'm a bit behind but i'll catch up before nexts week classes. Namaste:)

Esther - 1 year ago

Hi Lolita! glad you are enjoying this program !!

Kimberly - 1 year ago

Hi Esther, What an amazing class!!! I look forward to the next and the next and the next!!! So happy to have found you!! Cheers :-D

Louise - 11 months ago

Beautiful and touching, thank you Esther x

Parisa - 10 months ago

A challenging and fun class! "Once the body is free of tension, it is perfectly capable of finding balance"... I'll have to remember that :-)

Esther - 10 months ago

Nice to see this class is still being used! Thanks for commenting Louise, Parisa and Kimberley!

Silas - 7 months ago

This is a class I keep coming back to. I have some health challenges that often leave me feeling tired and weighed down and stuck in the mornings, and this class is the perfect antidote: gentle but powerful.

I think this time I will repeat the class a few times this week and see if I can progress to the next one. Namaste, Esther.

Esther - 7 months ago

Namaste Silas, well done for staying with it ! Keep it up.. and remember to now and then take a restorative class as well.

Kitty - 2 months ago

Thank you, Esther! An energizing class that made my breathing much deeper! If only those hamstrings were not so tight...this is a new issue for me that developed in the past two years-never had it before...I hope my yoga practice will help towards solving it...

Jill - 2 months ago

Another great class thank you Esther

elisa - 2 months ago

the second week is started in a Great way thank you!

Trudy - 2 months ago

Fabulous class, Esther, thank you. I have difficulty with opening my shoulders to the side to lift the arm. In the heat of the moment I can't tell if I should be internally/externally rotating or not rotating at all!

Esther - 2 months ago

Which pose Trudy?

Jocelyne - 2 months ago

Thank you! so good to take that program again! I love twists ;-) it definitly feels lighter and fresher after. It creates space inside, a quiet space; my body likes it.

Jocelyne - 2 months ago

oh and I had a godd laugh at "shake like a dead bug....actually dead bug don't shake" I love this passage ;-))

Jocelyne - 2 months ago

oh and I had a godd laugh at "shake like a dead bug....actually dead bug don't shake" I love this passage ;-))

Elisa - 2 months ago

Loved the classes from the first week. Fantastic. Can't get this one to load. It says I have to be logged in and I am so I am going to try another class. Maybe the problem is on my end.

Shobana - 2 months ago

Loved it. Definitely feels like the body has "opened up"! Some twists were challenging.. but the after effect of Yoga practices are divine! Thank you, Esther and team.

Esther - 2 months ago

Haha Jocelyne ... you are definitely right!

Elisa will send you an email about this privately, hope its sorted already though!

Wonderful Shobana, divine is what we want :-)

Sarah - 2 months ago

Lovely class, really enjoyed the sequences and opening sensations and your lovely guided relaxation. Thank you Esther :-)

Thi anh thi - 1 month ago

love it so much.thank you.

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