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Twists class 2

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Twists class 2


Second week, class 2. Intensify the core warm up a little, adding a Sun Salutation and we work on a different flow, so we can add them both into the the 3rd class this week. Half Handstand is thrown into the mix, enjoy the excitement of turning your world upside down.

Part of the Yoga Month Challenge


Elzemieke - 2 years ago

Hi Esther, I really enjoyed this second class, thank you!

I have two questions: (1) when I do the twist sequence at about 19 Minutes in (prayer to the right with extended left leg), my tail bone really hurts! Am I not engaging my core enough? Or could it have to do with weakness in the lumbar spine (my lumbar spine is usually quite sensitive)? And (2), do you have a side angle shot / picture of the Half Handstand? I'm not sure whether I'm holding my spine right...

Many thanks :)

Lori - 2 years ago

I really enjoyed today's class. It was fun to do a half handstand as I haven't done that in a few years. Today I practiced at 5:00am. It was peaceful, ahhhhhhh :-) Thanks Esther.

Jennifer - 2 years ago

Great class, thank you, Esther! It did make me realize I was out of shape, though, I can't do a full wheel anymore :( Maybe tomorrow!
I love these classes, and really look forward to the one on Friday (plus, it'll be my birthday! It feels like a present!).

Esther - 2 years ago

Hi Elzemieke, Back and legs should ideally be in a 90 degree angle. I will upload a picture tom on Facebook though! First question could have something to do with weak lumbar spine. However focus on feeling the twist in the mid/upper back, stabilizing the lower back more, even if it means twisting less far, do that through bringing the hip bones together and not lunging too deep. Hope it will work!

Esther - 2 years ago

Lori great that you could do it! and Jennifer have a great on friday! glad its going well for you...

Lolita - 2 years ago

Ester loved this class, it went slower then class1 ,which was great. Had more time to absorbe the positions w/out missing a thing. A bit difficut w/ the hand stand but practice makes perfect. Jennifer have a great B.D. we will celebrate it together for its mine too.CHOW

Britt - 2 years ago

To be honest, I was actually a little bit disappointed with this class. I expected more intense twists and to stay longer in a pose. Also the pace was way too high for me, I couldn't keep up with the class all the time - even though I could manage the different poses. Maybe it has to do with the fact I had an extreme busy week and longed for some more relaxtion and intense twists to release all the stress and emotions. Hopefully friday's class will gave that to me!

Jane - 2 years ago

I loved this class, especially the standing twist sequence, could really feel the strength in my legs. Such a joy to practice with you, thank you Esther x

Adrienne - 2 years ago

i can't see it :(

Roberta - 2 years ago

i finished this lesson few minutes ago and i feel very good like yesterday thanks to the first twist lesson. i feel my stomach sweet and good. finally after savasana i massage my stomach with my hands with few circles ..

Annemarie - 2 years ago

great and fancifull twists! I really enjoyed todays class. On monday, i felt it a bit long, my body and mind was not relaxed, today i used your class to calm down and concentrated more than usually on my body, and i feel great now.
the way you get into wheel, this is very useful, normally i have to make a quick stop on my head, i didn´t need to do this today. I could hold the wheel (not perfect, but felt perfect for me) for a view seconds, than my wrists and my lower back hurt, and this was quite enough for me.
the forward bend with one leg stretched and one bend is great.
I look forward to the next really get us fit ;) Thanks

Michael - 2 years ago

A very comprehensive class, full of twists and turns! I can see how the earlier practices prepared me to enjoy the twists much more. And yes, my digestion has improved remarkably, along with my ability to relax and stay grounded.

Shideh - 2 years ago

Twisting, wobbling, slipping (on the half handstand - my first), playing really. With your advice from the other day, upper back feels softer. Legs feel STRRRONGG. Terrific.

Meghan - 2 years ago

Hi Esther! This is the first time I have commented, but I have been following you for about 2 months now - first on youtube, and then here. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your classes! I have been dealing with a knee injury from running for almost two years now, and after surgery and failed attempts at every other form of exercise, I started doing yoga. At first I liked yoga well enough, but it could never compare to the joy and stress release I felt when running... until I found your classes! You have made me understand that yoga is so much more than just exercise, and I find myself able to get into poses I could never do before, safely and deeply. I cannot express my gratitude enough, or possibly convey my ever growing love for yoga! Lately it is all I want to do :)

This last class was the first to present a knee problem for me, however. When lunging forward with one leg and placing the opposite knee on the mat along with the leg and top of the foot, I have been experiencing pain in that knee that stays with me as I continue the class. Flexing the foot so that the toes are on the ground (rather than the top of the foot) helps a bit, but is there anything else I can do? I have been following your knee safety advice on all poses thanks to the youtube video on the subject, but I'm not sure what to do in this pose. Thanks so much!

Christina - 2 years ago

I'm so glad you started this site. It's nice to have full classes with the relaxation at the end. I know I can string stuff together on youtube, but it's not the same. You're a great teacher!!! I've been to other classes, and tried other stuff on youtube, but haven't learned nearly as much and never really found what I needed. Thanks for the great material.

Dominika - 2 years ago

I feel so strong after every-day-practice that I start to jogging :D thanx to Your Webside! If somebody said to me year ago, that I will practice yoga and jogging every day, I would laugh at him at sent him on the moon. Now I know that everything is possible in life thanks to people like You Esther.
Your program and whole webside help me to recovery after big problems with my health. Now I feel better and happier. I share Your webside with my students in my school. They love Your approach to Yoga - simple and available for everybody.
Ps: Half handstand - it's working, I can do it :D

Victoria - 2 years ago

Thank you Esther! Love the warm up and relaxtion that is included with the practice. It is great to have it all in one place. (just like Christina said :)) Thank you for all your hard work for our pleasure.

Olivia - 2 years ago

Felt really energised after this class. I felt I had a burning feeling in my muscles in some poses and the word burn kept coming into my head so it was very strange at the end when you started talking about 'burning' away baggage/feelings/issues or other things that might weigh one down or not serve one. It was very apt as there are a few things weighing me down at the moment and I do need to let go and burn them off. It was quite an eye opener to experience how the movement of the body in yoga can stimulate an emotional response or mental awakening. I really need this yoga month right now it's happening at a perfect time for me, I think the universe sends us what we need in many forms. sometimes it's hard to see it but I know for sure when I came across your yoga site that it happened for a reason. Thnak you Ester your yoga classes are a true support at a time when I really need it.

Nora - 2 years ago

Another wonderful class! Thank you. I attempted half headstand and I think i did it right!

Katherine - 1 year ago

i loved this practice, thank you! <3
and such a great idea, to start the practice with savasana

Kerstin - 1 year ago

wow this is am amazing and really intense class! i enjoyed it very much and i really liked, that i can do almost all poses with my stiff lower back (except the bends on the floor at the end ;)

Alice - 1 year ago

An awsome class both physically and mentally! A bit challenging for me at times but wonderful. Thank you, Esther, for having brought yoga in to my life :)

Aoife - 2 months ago

Wonderful class Esther! Really enjoying the September Yoga Month programme :)

Sandra - 2 months ago

Beautifully guided...thank you!

Gesine - 2 months ago

This class was nearly a little too much for my little strength, especially the twisted crescent pose, but I did it to the end. I really enjoyed the twisted gate pose, it would be nice if we could practice it more often!:)

Christine - 2 months ago

Hi Esther,
Love this class....thank you very much!! The dynamic crescent lunge twist is a great challenge.
Twisting feels great!
All my love,

Maria - 2 months ago

Wonderful class, thank-you!

Nekehia - 2 months ago

Beautiful. I love the dynamism of this class. Moved the energy exactly where I needed. I feel open and grounded.

Esther - 2 months ago

Thank you all for practicing with me yogis.. I will remember the twisted gate pose, to bring it in classes a little more often! Good tip..

Gesine - 2 months ago

That´s nice, thank you, Esther!:)

Sarah - 2 months ago

Thank you Esther, lovely class and I too loved the dynamic element and twisted gate pose felt great :)

Kitty - 1 month ago

A challenging class-a little difficult and fast for me-I need to do it at least one more time before Friday's class! Thank you, though-in general I like dynamic classes that raise the bar!

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