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Yoga for core strength

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Yoga for core strength


Improve your core stability and strength as Andrew takes you through plank variations, boat variations and sequences involving forwards bends and leg raises. The sequence finishes with headstand into full headstand.


Nicola - 2 years ago

This looks like a very interesing class. I am not yet strong enough to do everything that Andrew demonstrates, but I'll give it a go. I do have one question through. When lying on my back, Whenever I lower my legs toward the mat, my sacrosanct-iliac joints tend to pop. Actually it might not be those joints, as my knowledge of anatomy isn't great. But there is definitely a popping sensation on either side of my lower back. It doesn't hurt, and it only happens as the feet lower to about 20 degrees above the mat. Is this something I should be concerned about? I notice there are movements in this practice that might get my lower back popping. Thanks!

Alessandra - 2 years ago

I m a beginner sometimes it s too much for my skills but I m learning the poses
thank you so much for your work
i do really love this website

Vera - 2 years ago

Great class. Gives me a lot to look forward to. Thank you.

Andrew - 2 years ago

Thank you for the kind words. It is good to have a goal but the real yoga is the journey, don't be in too much of a hurry to master all of the practices.
Nicola, as the popping does not cause any pain it may just be the joint's releasing nitrogen, which is quite natural.

Nicola - 2 years ago

Thanks, Andrew! I'm trying this one for the first time today. I just discovered singing, and I have to say yoga helps enormously! I think this practice will be good just before I do vocal exercises.

Andrew - 2 years ago

It's good to hear yoga being applied to different things. Enjoy your yoga and your singing!

Dee - 1 year ago

Thank you Andrew I really enjoyed this class and its one to keep going back to.

Sarah - 1 year ago

Love the physical and mental challenge of Andrew's classes -- but is that awesome leg-lowering headstand really a level 1/2? :-)

Andrew - 1 year ago

Thanks Dee.
Sarah, level 2 but only if you are confident with headstand.

Melissa - 1 year ago

Love this video! Had my boyfriend help me get into headstand against the wall. Felt great and I can't wait until I have built up the strength to get there on my own!

Iryna - 1 year ago

Oh! How awesome! I wish for this class to be a little longer, though. It felt like towards the end my body warmed up enough to go on for another half an hour of these amazing flows! Dear Andrew, if you have an extra hour to create a longer flow-through practice, please, do :) Or maybe, you have something already, that I haven't found on a website yet, please, direct me there. Thank you so much, for making my mind and body smile today :) @-->---

Wendy Mo-Keat - 1 year ago

enjoyed this class although quite a few of the dynamic poses inc headstand were too advanced for me. (beginner)

Anna - 1 year ago

Great and intense practice Andrew, thank you! I am a beginner, have been practicing for 3 months now, and learning every day. :)

Anna - 1 year ago

Great and intense practice Andrew, thank you! I am a beginner, have been practicing for 3 months now, and learning every day. :)

Tina - 6 months ago

Hi Andrew, I'm just in the middle of the 'Arm Balance Essentials'-Program and thought, this class maby matches to all the core work. It definitely does, I realy love it. And I like, that you are offering different variations up to Headstand, so everyone can choose and get the best benefits from the inversion at the end. Thank you, Tina S.

Melissa - 2 months ago

Thank you Andrew!

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