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30 Days Beginner Yoga Challenge


11 mar 2013 by Esther Ekhart

Are you a beginner? Do you want to learn yoga and try out a regular yoga practice for a while? We are dedicating 30 days, starting the 11th of March, to those of you who have been thinking about getting into Yoga!

We want to share our passion for Yoga with you. We want you to love it as much as we do :)

If you are not a beginner but you have friends or family members who are looking to start, please forward this post to them, this is a nice chance for them to get going with some extra guidance!

The Challenge:

Join one of our beginner programs for 30 days starting March 11th 2013. You should practice at least twice a week — three times is great and every day even better, if you can!

Follow one program at a time. Once you’ve finished one beginner program it’s a great idea to start following another one. That way, you can try out different styles, teachers and find out what suits you best — and you really can learn something wonderful from everybody. Personally I would try them all out if I was starting now, but that is up to you :-).

We also have a new program for complete beginners with our great Hatha Yoga teacher Andrew Wrenn, who is known for his quiet manner and his talent of explaining everything really clearly. 

Become a member and learn yoga with us!

first month 1 limited offer

Getting started is easy

  1. Get a yoga mat and find a place to practice — for example, your living room or bedroom.
  2. Go to our Beginners Page and have a look at our introduction, including a few essential things you need to know before you get started.
  3. Choose one of our beginner yoga programs and let the teachers guide you step-by-step.

Not sure? 

For the next 30 days four beginners programs are FREE! (this offer ended in 2013)

Extra Guidance

Keep up to date with our blog posts — we will be posting regularly to help you along your journey. We will include tips for doing yoga at home, talk through some yoga myths, dish about yoga and diet, and of course give you great tips for online yoga. 

You will be able follow three other beginners on their journey. They will be posting every friday on our blog, writing about their experiences. You are not alone!

Don’t sell yourself short

If you have the feeling that you are no good at it, you have to let that feeling go! There is no good or bad. The true practice of yoga is less about being “bendy” and more about the journey that you take inwardly, while your body re-learns how to be flexible. Yoga stretches all the meridians (energy channels). Stretching / stimulating the meridians gives you the “feel good” sensation that makes yoga so addictive... To stretch the meridians you just need to stretch; how flexible you are or how deep you stretch is not important. 

When you feel frustrated with your practice, embrace and explore that feeling, but don’t allow it to stop you from practicing — there is obviously something there that needs to be worked through and yoga can do just that!

So this is it!

Take this great chance to get into yoga. Our extra guidance and resources and the support of an online community will help you on your journey. After this month of online classes you might also feel more confident about trying out a live class. At least you will know what they are talking about! We hope you’ll join us and help spread the word - Click the share buttons on the right for Facebook and Twitter!

Lots of love,


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