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A quick tour of your homepage

A quick tour of your homepage – Ekhart Yoga

02 aug 2017 by Jenny Savage

We made a few changes to our homepage recently so here are a few tips for getting the most out of your membership.

When you log in to your EkhartYoga account you will see your personalised homepage.

In the top right corner of your screen you’ll see a little notification bell. Hover over this bell to see replies to your comments or new classes, workshops and articles from teachers you are following.

Next to the bell is your profile picture, click on this to show or hide the vertical menu bar. This is where you’ll now find all your personal folders:

  • Home
  • My collections
  • My programmes
  • Favourites
  • Watch Later
  • Downloads
  • Watched
  • My account

1 Home

The first thing you'll notice on 'Home' is a welcome message - we post up notifications and news here. Next to this (or underneath if you’re on a mobile) you’ll see your next class if you’re following a programme or the 'surprise me’ function to help you find a class quickly.

Surprise you button

Under this you'll find 'Videos for you' - suggested classes based on your 'Watch Later' or 'Favourites' list. This way you can explore and discover new and familiar classes that are suited to you. 

Scroll down your personalised homepage and you’ll find highlights, new articles, popular classes, programmes and workshops.

Over 2500 classes and programmes

first month 1 limited offer

2 My collections

In this section you will find all the public and private playlists of classes that you have created, along with any others that you are following. Read more about how to create, follow and share collections.

3 My programmes

When you follow or join a programme you'll see a reminder with a link to your next class at the top of your screen. If you're following more than one programme at a time go to the My Programmes tab on your side menu bar to view them all. Read more about how to follow our online yoga programmes.

4 Favourites

Add videos to your Favourites to keep track of the videos you would like repeat or download for offline use via the EkhartYoga app. If you want to remove a Favourite you can simply unclick the star symbol on the video.

5 Watch Later

Watch Later is for when you want to plan your week's classes or if you see a video when browsing that you want to come back to. Click on the the clock icon below the Favourites star in the video player. This will add the video to your 'Watch Later' list. Simply click on the icon again to remove the class from the list. 


Under Downloads you'll find the classes you have purchased. Please note, these are not the same as any classes you have downloaded for offline use on the EkhartYoga app. Classes you download to the app are free! You'll find more information about downloading and paying for separate classes on our FAQ.

7 Watched

Here you can find all of the classes you have taken recently to help you keep track of your practice.

8 My Account

Go here to view your subscription, change your personal information and manage your notifications.

9 My Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself in My Profile. This section will show you your followers and who you are following. You'll also find your collections, programmes and recent comments.


!Some more ways to find classes…

  • Go to the Videos page and use the filters. You can use multiple filters to narrow your selection by teacher, duration, style, specific use and level.
  • Also on the Videos page you can use the search bar to type in specific key words
  • Use the Surprise me function. You'll find this on the Videos page and on your Homepage.
  • Check the related classes under videos.
  • See if your class is part of a programme or mini-series along the same theme.
  • Search and follow collections made by fellow members and EkhartYoga's teachers and team.

Any questions, please send us an email. We are happy to hear from you.

We are working on improving the website all the time, and this is one of a few updates that we have coming up. Thanks for your support, feedback and suggestions. It continues to be a vital source of inspiration for us here at EkhartYoga!

Originally posted 8th June - updated 2nd August with My collections and My profile


Jenny Savage, News

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