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Core strength and radiant health!

09 mar 2016 by Ekhart Yoga

Anyone can join in with our latest yoga program! Practice pranayama, yoga and daily cold showers (stay with us!) and see the difference in your core strength and overall energy levels in just two weeks!

Take your strength and vitality to the next level!

The benefits of Pranayama and yoga are well known but it’s the combination of these practices along with a daily cold shower which will really make a difference to your core strength and vitality. We've devised a 14 day routine for you to try at home. 

If the thought of a daily cold shower makes you wince, it’s only for 30 seconds and the benefits are huge. They:

  • are fantastic for skin and hair - a great anti-aging secret for keeping your skin tight, elastic and vibrant
  • have an anti-depressant effect on your mood
  • help improve sleep
  • build stamina and willpower
  • Best of all, they give you loads of energy in the morning which, as we’ve found - lasts throughout the entire day!

For more information (and benefits!), read Esther Ekhart's Secrets to a Strong Core and Radiant Health article.

How does it work?

This program combines yoga, your daily Pranayama and - the icing on the cake! - that cold shower! EkhartYoga members can follow our guided online program but we also have a modified (free) version so anyone can try it out - see below for further details.

EkhartYoga members

Strong core - Radiant health program

EkhartYoga members can follow our guided online program: Strong Core - Radiant health. During this 14 day program we'll suggest a yoga class every day - alternating between a core focused class and an all-round class to develop strength and flexibility - as well as the daily Pranayama and cold shower practice :) 

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Free version

We don't want anyone to miss out on experiencing the wonderful benefits of combining yoga, Pranayama and cold showers! So if you're not an EkhartYoga member (now might be the time to try? :D), we've put together a few of our YouTube classes that you could substitute for our premium videos. Or if you like to move to your own tune, simply follow your own asana practice and include the Pranayama (it's free) and the cold showers!

Recommended schedule

1 Pranayama 

2 Yoga

Alternate your classes over the 14 days between core focused classes and general all-round classes. Here are some recommendations from our YouTube channel. 

3 Cold showers!

Start with a warm shower (as long as you like). Finish with a cold shower (30 seconds). Good luck!!

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