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Free yoga challenge - mini detox

Free yoga challenge - mini detox

26 apr 2016 by Ekhart Yoga

Join us for 3 days of online yoga and healthy eating to promote a healthier you... for FREE! 

On May 13th 2016 we invite you to join us for 3 days of yoga and healthy eating!

Sorry this event is now over!

The classes for this event was taken from "Detox Week" of our "Tune Up and Refresh" program. Join us and Join in! 

Choose from over 1800+ classes

first month 1 limited offer

A little word on detoxing...

The idea with this challenge is to encourage you to experience the benefits of a yoga practice and healthy eating habits. We hope that this will help you to feel more energetic and vibrant! By practicing yoga and eating in a way that supports our bodies, we can help to reduce its toxic load. That is ... detoxing by reducing the amount of toxins we ingest and expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Some of the recipes and advice we'll suggest will also include foods and dietary supplements that support the organs responsible for the detoxification of your body, such as the liver.

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