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Free yoga for International Yoga Day

International Day of Yoga Ekhart Yoga

20 jun 2015 by Ekhart Yoga

June 21st is International Day of Yoga and we are celebrating by offering free yoga!

International Day of Yoga 2016

We have a new event to celebrate the International Day of Yoga 2016

Free yoga for International Day of Yoga 2016

The International Day of Yoga

In September 2014 the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at the United Nations General Assembly and put forward a proposal for an international day of observance for yoga. This idea gained overwhelming support with the majority of the member countries and so 21st June was declared by the UN as being the International Day of Yoga.

Free yoga event 2015: 108 Sun Salutations for International Day of Yoga

To support this day we are offering free* online yoga classes and meditations so that we can come together and practice yoga. The highlight of the day will be our 108 Sun Salutations class. Thousands of you have been following our training plan for this all month and we're really excited to know that you'll be practicing together!

*These classes were free during 21st June 2015. They are now available for all our EkhartYoga members.

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108 Sun Salutations with Esther Ekhart 

108 sun salutations class Ekhart Yoga

For the practice of 108 Sun Salutations we have Roy joining us on percussion to make it a really cool experience!  We warm up, practice 108 Sun Salutations, and we finish with a cool down and relaxation to incorporate the benefits. Read the article on how to modify your Sun Salutations 

Free yoga classes for International Day of Yoga

On June 21st the following classes will also be available for free for the whole of #YogaDay for everyone to practice - EkhartYoga members can practice these any time!

Feel good all round flow practice

Feel good all round flow Yoga class with Esther Ekhart

A great Vinyasa Flow yoga workout with a little bit of everything
with Esther Ekhart, Suitable for all levels, 30 mins 

Chill out Yin

chill out yin

Meant for these days when we feel the need to unwind, to soften the sharp edges, to find a little pool of gentleness in our hectic lives.
with Anat Geiger, All levels, 30 mins

A heart warming meditation 

Heart warming meditation

Focusing on our heart centre we connect with what was always here and always present
with Esther Teule  All levels, 20 mins

108 Sun Salutations as an offering

The 108 is traditionally practiced as an offering. In keeping with this tradition we invite you to offer your time/money to a worthy cause of your choice. Find sponsors to support you in this 'yoga marathon'. Come together with the rest of the EkhartYoga community to celebrate yoga and offer some good energy (and funds) to a good cause.

Some causes that we support are the DEC - Disasters Emergency Committee - currently helping those in Nepal and Lux Cordis (health care aid for under privileged children in Poland). 

So invite your friends and practice with your global EkhartYoga community on International Day of Yoga.

UN does Yoga!

This article was originally posted April 30th and update June 20th 2015

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