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Introducing Collections: a new way to organise your yoga classes

Introducing Collections: a new way to organise your yoga classes – Ekhart Yoga

17 jul 2017 by Esther Ekhart

Make playlists of your favourite classes with our new feature.

At EkhartYoga we bring you new classes every week so no matter whether you follow one teacher or all of them, you’ll have plenty of new classes to choose from.

But... we know that this can also be somewhat overwhelming! So many great classes - where to begin?!

To make it easier to find your way through the library and organise your classes we have created another new feature called Collections.

Organise your favourite classes

With Collections you can make playlists of classes on particular themes - like your personal morning favourites, quick classes for after a run, or creative flows for those days when you feel like dancing!  You can make as many Collections as you like and choose to share them for others to follow or keep them private for your own use. 

Get inspired

Take a look through the Collections created already by fellow members and teachers. Use the filters and search bar to find their tried and tested favourite classes. When you find a Collection you like, click on the button to follow it - it will be added to your list of collections so you can find it easily. 

My Profile - Connect with the EkhartYoga community

Tell us a little bit about yourself in My Profile. Found a like-minded member or teacher? You can follow them to see all their Collections and Programmes. Add a comment under a Collection and let someone know you’re following it - or offer suggestions of other classes they might like.

Get started!

How to find your collections

How to make a Collection

  1. Pick a class and click on the + button in the top right corner. A pop-up box will appear.
  2. Click on New collection title and give it name. It will now appear in My Collections - you’ll find My Collections in your personal dashboard under your profile picture when you are logged in.

How to edit and share a Collection

  1. Go to My Collections
  2. Click on your Collection and press Edit info to add a description and tags.
  3. Add an image here - ensure it is copyright free.
  4. Decide if you’d like to make your Collection public or keep it private
  5. Click on the social buttons to share your Collection on Facebook, Twitter etc

Click here and start exploring Collections

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