Welcome to Burgs, new meditation teacher on EkhartYoga

We are very pleased to introduce our latest guest teacher, Burgs.

Burgs with Esther Ekhart

Burgs is the founder of the organisation The Art of Meditation, and has been teaching meditation since 1995.
Burgs’ talks and meditation classes will help you learn more about the practice of meditation. Their ideal for anyone who has been meditating for a little while and wants to go deeper into the practice.

Watch Burgs’ first talk and meditation class:

Burgs begins this class with a short lecture on how we enter into the three various states of awakening: the experience of non-dual awareness, unified concentration, and the cessation of suffering. All three are about the fading of the mind and the growing absence of the sense of self. The meditation that follows – starting at 11:15 – will help you establish a quality of wise attention within your practice, focusing on entering direct experience without looking into it with the mind.

You can find out more about Burgs’ background and training on his teacher page and click follow to get notifications about his next classes.

To tune in regularly to Burgs, you can follow him on his YouTube channel, Love Vs Virus. and website
and Instagram, #lovevsvirus


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