What I’ve learned from my month’s silent meditation retreat…so far

Esther Ekhart shares some of her experiences and insights from spending a month on a silent meditation retreat.

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I recently came back from a month-long silent retreat with Burgs and I’ve been asked a few times about what it was like and what I learned. It’s almost impossible to put it into words. I’m not fully sure yet – things haven’t fully settled in yet and I’m happy to take the time to let that happen.

But right now what I feel is most special to me is that I have rediscovered a deep feeling of devotion to, and awareness of, something so precious, so beautiful, beyond the arising and passing of all things, including this body. 

This is a precious stillness but at the same time full of vibrant life and potential. Our true nature resting effortlessly in a state of stillness and peace that has never been disturbed, and which also has never been in conflict. 

I deeply realised that this human life is all about returning home to the basic ground of our being and ending our sense of separation from all that is around us. To make peace with ourselves on the deepest level possible. 

My wish is for everyone to get in touch with that precious source of energy that is always there waiting for us, to find our way back to that. 

To begin that process though, we have to start being with things in life just as they are, truly see how things are and the process by which they come to be that way. So pay attention, to every moment, accepting every moment fully, as if it is your last.

My teacher during this month long reteat was Burgs from https://theartofmeditation.org/

x Esther

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