Katy Appleton dances into EkhartYoga!

Katy Appleton joins EkhartYoga!

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“There’s no point being zen and peaceful on the mat if we bark at the first person we see.”
~ Katy Appleton

With over 25 years of expertise in movement through ballet, Pilates, body tuning, breath and energy work, Katy Appleton’s teaching combines the physical realm (a focus on safe alignment and the pure enjoyment of flow) and a deep connection to the felt state. For her, the practice of yoga is ultimately about coming home. We’re delighted to welcome Katy to EkhartYoga.

Find out more about Katy’s style, inspirations and personal practice below:

Try Katy’s first class!

EkhartYoga members can practise Katy’s first class – Kick your asana – here!

A fun, light-hearted flow with interesting sequences and some kick-ass moves that will leave you smiling and upbeat – 50 mins, level 1/2, Hatha/Vinyasa Flow

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Kirsty TomlinsonKirsty took her yoga teacher training with Esther Ekhart in 2013 and moved to the Netherlands from the UK to work for EkhartYoga in 2015. She's previously worked in publishing, graphic design and legal recruitment. Her role at EkhartYoga is a varied one - content creator, teacher manager, copywriter, and dog lover. You may recognise her beloved canine, Hunter, hogging the limelight in several of our classes!