Drinking from the source of life

As a culture and species, we tend to live the life of our minds. If we do so, we rob ourselves of something very important: the source of life.

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How can we open again to that source that is so clearly and evidently present?

We can do that by bringing our focus to the body through the breath. Yoga and meditation are the perfect tools.


To do this while doing yoga, it is vital that you allow yourself to make the choice constantly to focus on the breath, rather than on the thoughts, feelings, emotions and pains. Allow them to be there. Allow them to be experienced, but bring your awareness to the breath.

If you do it too frantic, too ‘good’ you could also say, it works the same as suppression. Because you avoid having to feel what is going on in your body by focusing really strongly on the breath. So best is to bring your awareness to your breath in a very light and gentle way. Let your awareness rest upon your breath like a feather on a leaf.


For a moment, find that space inside of you where you feel able to make that choice right now as you are reading these words. See that it is possible to be with your breath and read this text.  And if you can do that, you can also do it in your yoga practice.

It can very well be that this choice is connecting you with a longing to know reality. To know yourself from a more divine perspective. An authentic and sincere longing that comes from that place where you are calling yourself to come home. The longing to be open to life as it shows itself in this moment right now. Not excluding anything. Not wanting anything from it, other than… this.


Through the connection with your breath, a sincere but gentle acceptance can appear out of nothing. An acceptance of your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions, your judgements, your fears and pains. For everything that spooks you in regard to what is going on in your life. And it is not an acceptance from the mind, but from your being. The very same acceptance that your breath is giving you.

If you can do yoga this way, it is a tremendous gift to yourself. And through you to the world. Just by making this simple choice to bring our focus to the breath, again and again and again. The breath moves in the body. So it opens the door pretty easily to experiencing the body from a perspective of truth.


Bodies work hard, and they work all the time. They never, never rest. Not even in your sleep. Although most of that work is not seen as work by the body itself because it is not doing anything. It is just allowing it to happen by nature. And on top of the work it is doing by nature, it makes itself available to you, to do the things you want to do, or feel you have to do. And it has space for that.

The body talks to you with tension and fatigue if that space is almost used up. And it is your job to listen. It is your job to give it a break! Not just by sleeping or lying on the couch, although that is good too, but also through consciously connecting it to its source: the here and now. We can do that in meditation, in a walk, in dancing, or in yoga. Yoga is excellent because it is in a way designed for this.


The more you can bring conscious yoga into your life, and do it on a regular basis, the more your body can refresh itself by drinking from the source of life. And the more easily it can allow its natural work to happen. Keeping you strong, energetic and healthy.

Taetske Kleijn

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Taetske KleijnTaetske Kleijn is a spiritual teacher offering the Clarity Process of Jeru Kabbal, a clear path to self-realisation.