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In the fourth of the Archetypes for Men series, David explores the Lover - emotional, sensual and romantic...

lover archetype

Far more than just ‘romance & sex,’ the Lover seeks out many ways of expressing love and is the archetype of emotion, feeling and sensuality.  Although sexuality is included here, sensuality actually refers to being in touch with all the senses and being able to live life fully through them. This brings a higher sensitivity to living life, which in turn acts as more fuel for the Lover to find new areas through which to see, feel, create and express love.  

This is a more repressed archetype with the invention of the false man who is not in touch with his feelings but is absolutely essential for evolved men to awaken to our highest potential and deeper layers of emotions that guide us in our actions. 

When not kept in some sense of order (as the King creates), the Lover can fall easily into the addiction of pleasure and becomes eternally restless.  Chasing women, pleasure and sensory fulfilment which satisfies only for a short period, the ‘addicted Lover’ loses a sense of purpose and direction and feels empty. He can collect experiences, possessions or lovers but loses energy without feeling whole or focused.

The Lover off the mat

During these two weeks of, slow down and pay extra attention to the things you love. Do things that bring pleasure to your life; experience the pleasure fully, but let it go without growing attached to it. Instead of reaching for more, stop and experience the pleasure in all your senses on a deep level.

Take note of these body, mind and soul tips:


  • Find ways to make mundane daily tasks into pleasure-inducing rituals (for example: chew your food extra slowly to taste everything, spend time with your partner and enjoy kissing & touching slowly, take a walk outside and breathe deeply the whole time).
  • Do Pelvic Floor exercises:


  • Spend extra time in nature – make it a priority 
  • Add some romance – surprise date … buy flowers… write a poem… be creative!


  • Do this meditation at least 3 times a week – it is with a focused mind that we are able to feel and express love more deeply! Chakra meditation for focus, 20 min with George Langenberg.

The Lover on the mat

This is the recommended two-week schedule for those following this series.

Week 1 of The Lover archetype

  • Practice ‘The Lover’ class at least three times in the first week to let the words and concepts sink in.  

Week 2

Practise these videos with David as your energy allows:

  • Opening the windows – Vinyasa Flow sequence focusing on opening the front of the body with some specific lunges and backbends that ‘open the windows’ of the heart and mind – 50 min, Level 2/3 class
  • Light in the Shadows – A Hatha/Vinyasa flow class which opens the chest, shoulders & hips and has a thematic focus on bringing light into the dark places where emotions hide – All levels, 1 hr 15 mins
  • Inside outside hip opening – an all levels vinyasa class exploring the range of motion and directions in the hips, 70 mins
  • Thai Massage side lying – hips and back (or any of the other Thai massage sequences!) – All levels, 30 mins.
  • Riding the Camel – just like the camel in the desert, find your strength and use your physical and spiritual reserves as you are prepared for Ustrasana – level 2/3, Hatha class with Andrew Wrenn
  • Anahata Chakra – expand your heart with this 30 min, all level Hatha class with Olav Aarts
  • Uncover your heart’s desire – join Esther for a well-deserved lie-down as James guides her through how to set an intention born of the heart and of being – 45 min Yoga Nidra class with James Reeves
  • Bhakti & Devotion – in this inspiring talk Raghunath tells us how Bhakti is the yoga of devotion and love – 30 mins.

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