10 classes for tough times

We've put together a playlist of 10 yoga and meditation classes to support you when times are tough.

tough times

With a mix of class lengths, teachers and styles, hopefully you’ll find something that works for you. In meantime…. come here and give us a big hug 馃檪

1. What can I do when life is tough?

When we get stuck, feel blocked and uninspired, caught up in a negative thought story, and don’t know what do to, where should we begin? Talk / Jeff Foster / 15 mins

2. Releasing emotions – a Kundalini kriya

Be guided from within to feel where your body needs a release. Work with movement and breath and let the kriya work its magic. Kundalini-inspired / Marlene Smits / 20 mins

3. Escaping the unbearable now聽

In this meditation, we’re invited to take a closer look at what it is we are running from and open ourselves to new possibilities in embracing all aspects of life. Meditation / Esther Teule / 25 mins

4. The power of surrender聽

A slow, mindful, strong at times practice that invites us to bow to the life force that unites us all. One member wrote: “It felt like you cast out a golden cord and reeled me back home to what is good and true and calm.” Hatha / Esther Ekhart / 30 mins

5. Melt the stress away

Melt away blockages and stress on those days when we feel overwhelmed and tight, this sequence moves your whole body leaving it internally warm and tingling with energy. Hatha / Vinyasa / Anat Geiger / 30 mins

6. Through the cracks

Hurt, heartbreak and loss happen to all of us, no matter how much yoga we practice. Expect a tiny story and some sweet stretches that will help you to keep breathing when things seem to break apart in your life. Hatha / Vinyasa / Irina Verwer /  35 mins

7. Recovering from trauma聽

Learn a simple technique to invoke the body’s own spontaneous release of tension and trauma. Hatha / Yoga Nidra / James Reeves / 40 mins 

8. Letting go聽

Recognise your thoughts, your emotions and let go to experience the sublime peace, contentment and joy that is ever-present. Hatha / Pranayama / Andrew Wrenn / 40 mins

9. Self-love practice

Quieten your inner critic and take some time out for you with this peaceful class. Hatha / Sandra Carson / 45 mins 

10. This is it: simple movement and full acceptance聽

Nothing too intense – just the right amount of work to free yourself from worries and realise that: THIS IS IT! Hatha / Vinyasa / David Lurey / 45 mins

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Kirsty Tomlinson
Kirsty Tomlinson