10 short and sweet yoga classes

These classes are all focused on getting your body moving in 25 minutes or less.

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These are mostly All Level classes with a couple of Level 2 and 3’s in for good measure. For this selection we’ve chosen fairly active practices. Why not combine these with classes from the 10 minute 10 days Meditation Challenge? 

1. 15 minute anytime flow with music

A quick class with music for when you don’t have much time. Get into as many ranges of motion as possible with a nice flow, a few spirals and some shoulder openers.
Julie Martin, All levels, 15 minutes

2. Invigorating short detox

A short practice to promote a quality of release and detoxification. Strong standing postures promote stability and connection, moving into twists to rejuvenate and renew the energy. Finishing with a relaxation with the legs over a chair.
Francesca Guisti, All levels, 20 minutes

3. Yoga with weights

Jennilee’s yoga sequence focuses on strength training in both floor and balancing postures. Challenge yourself in your yoga practice by adding light weights. You can use cans of food as well, no need to have dumbells in the house! 
Jennilee Toner, All levels, 20 minutes

4. Big Hands! 

Discover the power of your hands! A Somatic movement exploration to find out how you can open your body and support the ease and delight of movement through the awareness of your hands. 
Aki Omori, All levels, 20 minutes

5. 20 minute chair yoga

Véronique shares a chair yoga sequence that will help you release tension in the upper back and legs, as well as strengthening the core. Perfect for people who work in an office or who can’t do a full standing sequence due to injuries or health issues.  
Véronique Gauthier, All levels, 20 minutes

6. Summer yoga series class 1  

The first in a series of four classes from Sandra Carson. Sandra takes you through a fun, active and physical flow to tone, strengthen and stretch your body. This is short and to the point with some arm balances. (Check out the rest of the series and also Sandra’s Power Yoga classes)
Sandra Carson, Level 1/2,  22 minutes

7. Quick fix practice

Irina’s class is great for when you’re short on time yet are longing for a complete practice. In a short time, you’ll connect with yourself and your breath again.
Irina Verwer, All levels, 20 minutes

8. 20 Sun Salutations

Switch off your mind and let the repetition of the Sun Salutations allow you to get out of your head and into your body.
Esther Ekhart, All levels, 20 minutes

9. Keep moving flow

A continuous flow with Nichi, perfect for the morning to wake you up and get everything moving. “Enjoyable. Refreshing. Sweaty.” said one member!
Nichi Green, Level 2/3, 25 minutes

10. Arm balances play 

A playful, powerful arm balance practice. Jeff gives some tips on how to warm up the hands, wrists and forearms and demonstrates more Arm Balance variations than you would think possible in a 15 minute class! Prepare to get out of breath and make sure to take rest afterwards!
Jeff Phenix, Level 2/3, 15 minutes 

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Jenny SavageJenny Savage is part of the EkhartYoga team behind the scenes. She first started yoga at the age of 15 and took her teacher training with Esther Ekhart in 2013. She has a background in Health Psychology, community mental health work, and health and wellbeing research.