10 short yoga classes for the holiday season

Turn stress into serenity with these 10 short yoga classes to ease you through the holiday season.

10 short yoga classes for the holiday season

The holiday season can be fun but also frenetic! Routines often go out of the window, which can be refreshing, but it can also upset the balance of your day. Practising yoga, even for just ten minutes, will help to reset your equilibrium and invite a little slice of peacefulness into your day.

I’ve designed this list to be practised sequentially with a nice mix of Hatha for grounding, Vinyasa to get the energy flowing, Yin for peace, a strength class for some challenge, meditation for connecting to yourself and a restorative class perfect just before bed. It’s not so important that you practise these classes in order – just that you practice something; your mind and body will thank you for it 🙂 

These classes are also perfect for our offline viewing app – EkhartYoga members can download up to ten videos for free!

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season.

Love Esther x

1. Improve your flexibility – a short and sweet Hatha class to improve the flexibility of your legs, hips, upper body and side body – 10 mins

2. Short morning flow: start the the day as you mean to go on with this lovely morning Vinyasa flow class – 17 mins

3. Time to relax: wind down with this gentle class to relax the body and mind – great for the evening – 20 mins

4. Energise: refocus the mind: tune into your strength with this dynamic, chaturanga-free series of standing poses – 18 mins

5. Yin for peace of mind: stress-reducing yin class, great if your mind is in overdrive – 18 mins

6. 31 relaxation pointsmeditation focusing on the major energy points in the body – 10 mins

7. Short sweaty flow: burn off the excess with a this fun, continuous flow + arm balance – 19 mins

8. Find your inner strength: challenge your strength and resilience by holding poses for one minute each and enjoy the settling of body and mind as a result – 23 mins

9. 10 Sun Salutations: Bring energy into your day with 10 Sun Salutations – 10 mins

10. Yoga for better sleep: drift off to sleep with this lovely restorative class, great for relaxing your hips, spine, back body, breath and mind – 12 mins

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