10 short yoga classes for your lunch break

Want to take a quick yoga class in your lunch break and still have time to grab a bite to eat? Choose from these short and sweet classes - most around 20 minutes or under.

These classes are a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga so although they’re short you’ll still get moving. Remember to do them before you eat lunch. Too late? Skip straight to class 10!

1. Free your energy with Esther Ekhart – 18 mins

Free your energy and stretch the fascia lines in this lovely, complete practice with plenty of standing poses, twists, forward folds and side bends.

2. Undo the sitting – with Marlene Henny – 11 mins

Get ready to straighten yourself out with this quick lunch break flow which includes some creative Sun Salutations and a little surprise at the end!

3. Yoga at your desk – with Irina Verwer – 15 mins

Get your stagnant energy flowing again with these simple but yummy movements and breathing exercises that you can do at your desk. Your body will thank you for it.

4. Budokon break with Gilda Goharian – 16 mins

A short blast of Budokon for those familiar with BDK basics and signature movements. A lot of Budokon in a short space of time – prepare yourself for a bit of a challenge!

5. Peaceful practice with Esther Ekhart – 17 mins

A gentle, balanced sequence of yoga poses close to the floor. Perfect for a hectic day to help you find peace from all the comings and goings, and to calm and ground you. 

6. 20 minutes to open, move and breathe with David Lurey – 20 mins

Breathe new life into a busy day with this whole body class that touches most of the main joints and muscle groups and moves, opens and breathes new life into a busy day.

7. Soothe your office neck with Sandra Carson – 15 mins

Give your stiff shoulders and creaky neck some tender loving care. With this short class you don’t even need to change into yoga clothes – all you need is a block. 

8. Focus and relax with Francesca Giusti – 25 mins 

Our energy can take a dip in the afternoon so this gentle, yet energising class at lunchtime is designed to help you enjoy a new wave of energy to keep you motivated for the rest of your day. 

9. Get your juices flowing and your breath moving with Sandra Carson – 22 mins

This not-too-sweaty class will get your juices flowing and your breath moving! Standing poses, hip openers and some basic breath work to get you ready and raring to go for the rest of the day. 

10. Just had lunch? – Rest and digest – David Lurey – 31 mins

Have you just eaten and want to support your digestion? This short flow will make space for your food to be digested on a physical level and life to be digested on an emotional one.

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