10 yoga classes for a balanced practice

10 yoga classes for a general, all-round practice - also great for our offline viewing app!

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We’ve put together a playlist of ten videos for our lovely EkhartYoga members to try. Practising every class will give you an all-round, balanced practice, includes a mix of styles, class lengths and teachers and is suitable for all levels.

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Take ten

1. Body love – Esther Ekhart – wake up your body and get your energy flowing with this delightful Hatha yoga class – 60 mins

2. Balance flow – Marlene Henny – find balance and equanimity with this beautiful Vinyasa flow class – 37 mins

3. Practising self love – Esther Teule – a beautiful, deep meditation to practise approaching yourself in a loving way – 23 mins

4. Discover your core – Nichi Green – build strength in the front and back side of the torso with a core strengtheningclass – 23 mins

5. Chill out Yin – Anat Geiger – perfect for those days when we feel the need to unwind, to soften the sharp edges, to find a little pool of gentleness in our hectic lives – 35 mins

6. Yin and yang – a full practice – Andrew Wrenn – give yourself the luxury of time to really explore your practice in this longer class, first generating some heat and strength and then melting any tension with longer held yin poses – 1hr 15

7. Standing strong– David Lurey – build strength and a flexible foundation with this sequence of standing poses for a quick blast of energy for the legs and hips – 30 mins

8. Samavritti – equal breath – Sandra Carson – in this pranayama practice, help to create equanimity of mind and energy by balancing your inhalations and exhalations – 12 mins

9. Beginners Ashtanga class – Joey Miles – even if you’re not a beginner, this class has something for everyone. Joey is an outstanding teacher with a calm and concise delivery and a strong focus on alignment – 43 mins

10. Sleep tight – Irina Verwer – this complete restorative practice will help you to ground, feel stable, quieten your mind and eventually fall asleep. Great if you suffer from insomnia, have trouble staying asleep or are just in need of a restful practice – 34 mins

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Kirsty TomlinsonKirsty took her yoga teacher training with Esther Ekhart in 2013 and moved to the Netherlands from the UK to work for EkhartYoga in 2015. She's previously worked in publishing, graphic design and legal recruitment. Her role at EkhartYoga is a varied one - content creator, teacher manager, copywriter, and dog lover. You may recognise her beloved canine, Hunter, hogging the limelight in several of our classes!