10 yoga classes for flexibility

We've hand-picked 10 classes that will give your body an all-round 'stretch and flex'.

10 yoga classes for flexibility

Calling all EkhartYoga members! We’ve put together a playlist of ten videos for you to try which will work on your overall flexibility and leave you feeling yummy. The list includes a mix of class lengths, levels and teachers. Remember to respect your body’s boundaries – the idea is that you work on your flexibility in the long-term, not stretch it to the max!

These classes are also perfect for our offline viewing app – EkhartYoga members can download up to ten videos for free. 

1. Improve your flexibility – work on the flexibility of your legs, hips, upper body and side body in this short but sweet Hatha class with Esther – 9 mins

2. Open up! – this short Hatha / Vinyasa Flow with Irina will wake you up and leave you feeling grounded, opened up, relaxed and energised – 17 mins

3. Delicious body stretch flow – tease out tension in this yummy Vinyasa Flow with Marlene – expect hip opening, hamstring stretches, spine awakening and side-bending  – 24 mins

4. Quick slow fix – let James help you unwind from a long car journey or a bad day in this simple Hatha class which soothes the lower back, hips and sacrum – 30 mins

5. Chill out practice – clear your mind by focusing on your breath in this Vinyasa / Anusara class with Sandra that will warm up and stretch the major muscles in your body – 30 mins

6. Steady stimulating morning flow – try this grounding yet energising, gentle yet refreshing Vinyasa Flow class with Esther – a real “monkey-mind tamer” as one member called it! – 40 mins

7. Challenging yet yummy – clear the mental fog and spread some positive energy with this uplifting Vinyasa Flow class from Jennilee – 42 mins

8. Unwind and relax – unravel and let go with Nichi’s easy, deeply relaxing Hatha practice incorporating twists, side stretches and hip work – lovely if you’re low on energy – 52 mins

9. Stretch and strengthen – learn the necessity of combining strength with stability so you can stretch safely in this delicious Hatha class with Esther – 60 mins 

10. The great unwinding – release tension from the neck and shoulders while stretching the legs and opening the hips in this perfect post-work practice with David – 1:07

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