10 yoga classes for healthy knees

We've put together a playlist of 10 yoga classes to help heal, support and strengthen your knees.

yoga for knees

If you’ve experienced a knee injury or you have knee sensitivity, we’ve hand-picked 10 yoga classes to heal, support and improve stability in your knees.

1. Anatomy first!

Anatomical insight into the knee joint – in this short tutorial, Jennilee looks at the internal and external rotation found in the hip and knee joint and discovers how your skeleton affects your expression of poses like Pigeon and Eagle Pose – 3 mins / talk / Jennilee Toner

2. Yoga with a knee injury

Heal your knees – if you have a knee injury, these simple, effective poses and exercises will teach you the actions that will be able to bring your knees right back on track – 30 mins / Hatha / Sandra Carson Sandra 

3. Activate to realign

Yoga for knee injuries – In some cases, pain in the knees is due to misalignment of your kneecap. Véronique shows you how to warm up your knee joints, locate your inner quadriceps and then strengthen them to ensure your kneecap doesn’t go off track – 30 mins / Therapeutics / Véronique Gauthier

4. Avoid hyperextension

Content into the container – This class focuses on how to work the knee joint from the muscles of the leg to avoid hyperextension at the knee. You’ll experience a new way of creating meaningful actions in your legs and learn how to apply them to different poses – 30 mins / Hatha / Iyengar / Adela Serrano 

5. Running support

Post-run yoga – Great to do after your run, as part of your workout routine, or as a practice on its own, several times a week. The focus is on releasing and lengthening the big muscles that are used in running, but also addresses some of the smaller muscles and knees – 45 mins / Therapeautics Sandra Carson 

6. Mini massage

Yamuna – lower legs and calves – In this short, effective class we work down the lower leg from the back of the knee with the black ball. This sequence gets into the body of the calf muscle but also works the middle hamstring. Intense and deep and great for the knees! – 6 mins / Therapeutics / Nichi Green

7. Strengthen and stabilise

Some knee love – Following an accident that left some damage in different structures, Anat devised these stabilising and strengthening exercises to aid her recovery. Not all knees are the same but I hope you find something here to support your own road to strength and stability. 1:07mins / Hatha / Anat Geiger 

8. Awaken your energy channels

The garden of delight – A challenging sequence of seated poses designed to open the energy channels of the feet, ankles and knees en route to the hips. Prepare for some intense sensations! David Lurey / 45mins / all levels / hatha

9. Interval training for sissies

Short on time not intensity – In Anat’s alternatively titled ‘Interval training for sissies’ class, we’ll increase our heartbeat and use our muscles a lot, packing the action into a short amount of time. Anat used this practice to get back into shape whilst recovering from a knee injury. 30 mins / Hatha / Vinyasa / Anat Geiger

10. Modified Ashtanga

Modified Half-Primary series – A modified Ashtanga class for mixed abilities, taking into account the student’s knee injury. Joey breaks down the poses and gives some great tips for safe alignment. For anyone who shies away from Ashtanga, this is a wonderfully accessible class. 1.5hrs / Ashtanga / Joey Miles

Further reading

Respecting and honouring your knees – Jennilee looks at the common causes of knee pain and injuries and teaches us how to ensure stability of the knee joint and respect and honour its limitations on and off the yoga mat.

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