10 yoga classes for the New Year

10 yoga classes to help ease you gently into 2021. (We can do this!)

10 yoga classes for the New Year

For many of us this New Year has not so much started with a bang but a wince. So we’ve put together some yoga classes that we hope will spark a little smile, inspire a little positivity and kindle a little hope.

1. Awaken to the new day dawning with Andrew Wrenn

A short and delightful practice to welcome the day. Starting with seated twists and side bends, the practice warms into salutations to the rising sun and flowing standing postures. Awaken, stretch, breathe and delight!

2. Move your chi with Esther Ekhart

Unwind and relax with some lying-down somatic work. We move to all fours and then into a standing, flowing sequence that requires stability and strength. Relaxing, unwinding, strengthening and flow….this class has it all.

3. Love the moment with Sandra Carson

An invitation to stop chasing the things that you think will make you feel or be better. Be in your body, follow your breath and feel deeply into your belly and heart. A comforting, healing, relieving practice.

4. The dance of life with Tracey Cook

This guided Yoga Nidra practice explores your body, energy field, and mind as an individual experience and also as part of a much larger picture in the overall dance of life. A gift for the body and the soul.

5. Inner glow with Anat Geiger

Our fascia has the capacity to generate energy through movement. When when done with intention, the movement generates its own energy and an intense and wonderful inner glow. A quietly profound practice.

6. Whole body celebration with Jennilee Toner

Join Jennilee in this celebration of the whole body! Movement and stillness, stretching and strengthening. “An amazingly feel-good class”, as one member described it!

7. Finding refuge in the earth with Esther Ekhart

It’s important to feel or show up consciously for all feelings, whether they’re neutral, pleasant or unpleasant. Esther shows us how to take refuge and find reassurance in the earth.

8. We are stardust with David Lurey

Many expressions of our bodies as Stardust… metaphorically and physically, this beautiful practice may not only challenge you physically but will remind you of our place in this cosmos… A soothing balm.

9. Power prayer flow: Heart shine with Anna Sugarman

Let your heart shine as the breath powers this practice with a beat. A spine lengthening, chest opening flow to illuminate the heart space. You’ll cruise off your mat in calm coherence.

10. 2020 bloopers with the EkhartYoga crew

Because sometimes all you need is a good laugh!

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Kirsty TomlinsonKirsty took her yoga teacher training with Esther Ekhart in 2013 and moved to the Netherlands from the UK to work for EkhartYoga in 2015. She's previously worked in publishing, graphic design and legal recruitment. Her role at EkhartYoga is a varied one - content creator, teacher manager, copywriter, and dog lover. You may recognise her beloved canine, Hunter, hogging the limelight in several of our classes!