4 Yoga poses for strong, healthy and beautiful legs

Who doesn't want strong and well shaped legs?

Esther Ekhart - strong legs poses

Strong legs are just plain healthy for you.. Strong legs protect your back, and carry you through life easier. Strong legs literally make you feel stronger, more grown up and happier! And the fun part is I am not exaggerating .. It really works !

So start improving your experience of life by practicing these four yoga poses :-)

Warrior II

From Mountain step left foot back, torso facing the long side of the mat. Right foot 90 degree out, left foot slightly turned in. Arms parallel to the floor. Soft gaze over the right arm. Inhale the front leg is straight, exhale bend the front leg to Warrior II pose. Bend and extend 5x, last time hold in the bend position for 8 breaths.  - Now do the other side.

Warrior I 

From Mountain pose, place feet hip distance apart, then step your left leg back, back foot on the floor turned in about 60 degrees, hips both facing forward. Exhale bend your front knee, keep knee over the ankle, pointing toward the little toe side of the foot. Bring front thigh parallel to the floor (as much as possible), adjust the stance of the feet accordingly, so front knee doesn't move past ankle. Lift arms next to the ears. Inhale straighten front leg, exhale bend, 5x . Last time hold the pose for 8 breaths. - Now do the other side.

Fierce Pose

From Mountain pose, feet together, bend your knees as if sitting on a chair, on an out breath, keep lower back long, stomach strong, lift your arms and stay for 5 breaths. Repeat this 3 times.

Eagle pose

From Mountain pose, bend knees, take your arms out and fold your right elbow underneath the left elbow, fold hands together. Take your right leg over the left, hook the right foot behind the left calf and squeeze legs together. Hold for 5-8 breaths.  - Now do the other side.

Practice this little sequence at least 3-4 times a week and then enjoy your strong beautiful legs !!


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