A playful yoga sequence

A nice, playful sequence with lunges, side plank variation and dragon pose....

playful sequence ekhart yoga

This playful sequence will help you get into your body and simply revel in the joy of moving. Make sure each pose – and equally importantly, the transition to each pose – feels delicious. Listen to your body and do what feels good! 

Start with a few rounds of cat-cow and then you can choose to do 3-5 Sun Salutationsto warm up.

1. Three legged down dog pose 

Three legged down dog pose - with Esther Ekhart

From downward dog, float your right leg up on the in-breath. Do this slowly and gently.

2. Low lunge

Low Lunge - with Esther Ekhart

Exhale and step your right foot between your hands, bring the back knee towards the floor. Let the weight of your legs sink and with the lightness of the inhalation lift your arms up. Pull your right hip in, let the hips sink to the floor and lift your heart. Also stretch your stomach. Take a few deep and full breaths and enjoy the opening in the heart area.

3. Twisty backbend lunge

Twisty backbend lunge - Ekhart Yoga

Exhale and place your left hand on your right knee and let your right hand slide down along the back of your left thigh. Inhale and press your left hand against your leg and open your heart while you bend backward, in a kind of twisty, side stretchy heart-opening low lunge.

4. Twisted dragon pose

Twisted dragon pose

On the next exhale bring your left hand to the floor under your shoulder on the inside of your right foot, pull your toes under and lift your left knee up. Breathe deeply and lift your right arm in a Twisted dragon. Bring your shoulders down the back, and lean back slightly. 

5. IT band stretch

IT band stretch - EkhartYoga

Look down on the exhale, roll to the outside of the left (back) foot, turn the toes out of the front foot, let your hips sink a little so that you stretch the outside of your left leg, inhale and bring your right arm behind you.  

6. Side plank variation

Side plank variation - EkhartYoga

On the next inhale, push your feet into the floor, lift your hips, pull your right foot a little further back and lift your right arm up and over, and stretch the whole side of your body. Take a few deep and full breaths.

Move through a Vinyasa in between and repeat on the other side.

To finish

Finish with a Child Pose / Balasana and a relaxation / Savasana

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