A short tale about strength

Esther Teule talks about the joy of finding that inner strength within us.


When I think of strength, I picture brave men or women (preferably on horseback) with a sword in their hand, ready to face danger or hardship, unwavering in their truthful mission. They seem to breathe focus, direction and perseverance……

I know, I know… it sounds a bit much when in relation to how to stay disciplined in your yoga or meditation practice. Nevertheless, let’s bring the energy of strength in our lives and see where it takes us.

So what about perseverance? What about focus?

In my experience, when I lose direction and start to withdraw into a comfortable “I cannot cope” position, tucked away in an inner duvet, three things have happened: I stopped paying attention to what I long for or want, I paid too much attention to what others need or want, and finally I got lost in the process, feeling powerless.

So what might be the invitation here?
(as I love metaphors: what would my sword woman do?)

She would listen to my inner truth and make it important.

I must say that sometimes I’m so wrapped up in that duvet that I really have a hard time focusing on what it is I want.
So it starts with realizing that I’m stuck in nowhere land. That always starts my engine because I’m not particularly fond of that place and rather be out there being a sword woman. So that puts me on my feet and makes me look for what I want and try to make it happen.

She would let go of the focus on other people.

In my childhood, it wasn’t really a safe thing to put what I wanted first, so I came to believe that it was best to pay attention to others and save my bit for when I was just by myself. That might have been a good strategy once, but doesn’t work so well for being clear about my own goals, especially when I’m in company. I lose my focus easily and leave my sword somewhere next to the washing machine, where it gathers dust while it patiently waits for my return.

So all I can do is remember my sword woman as often as possible, wipe of the dust and get on my horse.

She would hold on, stick to the plan

Yes, perseverance! I noticed it takes courage to stay where I am, holding on to my own truth, especially when I feel small and long for safety and holding. Part of me then wants to crawl back into the duvet, not sure if I am right at all.
How good it is to just breathe in and out and ask strength to accompany me. Even when I don’t feel strong, just sticking to the plan or to my truth brings a smile to the lips of my sword woman (just briefly of course, smiling is not her thing) and makes me feel good about myself. No longer invisible but of flesh and blood, right where I am.

Well, for today these are my thoughts on strength… I’m curious about yours!

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Esther TeuleEsther Teule is a meditation teacher and personal coach. Over years of practise Esther has developed her own style of meditation, based on inquiry and the practise of self love.