A strong core and its twin sister

A strong core, unwavering confidence, stability.... who doesn't want this?

core yoga

It’s like surfing on the right wave in the right weather; the sun on your face, the power of the ocean supporting you, effortlessly you glide on that blue water and it feels so good…

Wavering confidence

But then, inevitably, life dances on. The weather changes, the waves seem unpredictable or disappear altogether. You feel unsupported and what was effortless before now suddenly confuses you.

What happened? Did you somehow lose your confidence and because of that you look at life differently? Or did the scenery simply change, evoking feelings of insecurity and weakness?

Feeling strong and confident is a great feeling. No doubt about it. But can you hold on to it, can you capture the feeling and drag it into the next moment? Can you turn the experience of a strong core into a solid, separate asset somewhere in your belly, even if life presents you something else? Can you save the right wave and make the ocean reproduce it?


Somehow life seems to express itself through polarities: you cannot experience strength without knowing weakness. You only feel warmth because you can experience cold. A strong core cannot be felt without the taste of being no one. How can you experience day without night?

We cannot separate these ‘opposites’ but yet we seem to insist on feeling only the shiny half. Maybe because we learned that strength is good and insecurity is bad. Unconsciously we are on a mission impossible: we try to feel good the whole time! Nobody can or ever will.

Embrace both opposites

Working on a strong core or focusing on positive feelings is great and can be very, very helpful! But it doesn’t mean that it will make all those shadowy feelings go away. All their ‘bad’ twin-brothers and sisters are also part of life. And they are not so bad actually, once you take the time to get to know them. It’s the story about them, the labels we use that we suffer from most…in the end, it’s all just the ocean, every wave made of the same stuff.

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Esther TeuleEsther Teule is a meditation teacher and personal coach. Over years of practise Esther has developed her own style of meditation, based on inquiry and the practise of self love.