Ekhart Yoga teachers’ downtime

To get to know our teachers a little more we asked them to finish the sentence: When I'm not teaching yoga or meditation you can find me...

EkhartYoga teachers

Esther Ekhart

… making plans for decorating my new house I am moving into in July. Playing with my cats, reading a good book, walking my dogs enjoying nature and pondering where I will go traveling next.

Nichi Green

… probably doing my admin – running a studio is a big job! Away from work I like to get outdoors as much as possible. I hike, cycle or surf (although finding time to surf when conditions are right in North East England is tricky). I love live music so try and get to gigs regularly or a festival or two in the summer. I have a lovely VW camper that is lots of fun for getting out in.

Sandra Carson

… running or walking my dog in nature.  I love to be in the green open space, no matter what the weather is like. Being in nature allows my mind to get some “fresh air,” connects me to the world and sparks my creativity in a way that sitting at my desk can’t do. And I love spending time with my kids, family and friends.

Esther Teule

… behind my computer writing, cuddling my dog, getting groceries, doing the laundry, drinking tea with my daughter, reading (preferably detectives), watching crime series on the laptop with my husband.

David Dodd

… working with individuals and groups in organisations as a personal empowerment coach; writing a book (never-ending fun!); in cafes and the cinema with friends; walking the south-west coast of England with my partner; digging, planting and hoeing on our allotment; relaxing with our cat (or rather the little being in a cat outfit that hangs out at our place) and making a little music with my harmonium and Ukulele.   

Veronique Gauthier

… in the beautiful Surrey hills, walking our dogs. I love nature. It always seeks to achieve balance and harmony – like our body – if we let it. Walking in the countryside is so comforting. But if I’m not hillwalking, you most likely will find me absorbed in a book.

Olav Aarts

… when not teaching yoga I am doing yoga for myself. Next to yoga, spending time with my girlfriend and travelling around Asia is a real passion. Otherwise you will find me in the financial world, working as a senior analyst for a big International bank.

Irina Verwer

… in the kitchen! I love to create recipes, to work with my hands, to combine tastes and textures and to find what works and what doesn’t. However… cooking is part of my yoga practice, just as all else in my life. Everything I do is an opportunity to breathe deeply, to be aware of each moment and to live fully, with compassion and joy. Some of my favorite recipes can be found here on the blog, or in my videos. Give them a try, and let what and how you cook and eat become a part of your practice as well.

James Reeves

… you can mostly find me walking in the woods or cooking soup. I’ve become near obsessed with cooking soup recently. I think it must be all the winter walks. That and discovering that making soup is really easy! I used to go to friends houses for dinner and we’d have soup and I’d think “that must be pretty tricky to make because it tastes so good” and then I discovered it’s the most simple thing in the world. I’m having a love affair with cream of parsnip soup and celery soup right now. I’m hoping somebody will buy me a camping stove for my birthday, then I can make soup in the woods!

David Lurey

… tied to my computer doing administration! The life of a ‘Global Yogi’ is only partly as glamorous as my Facebook profile tells you 🙂 And also, playing my guitar!!  Reading books about Science & Spirituality… and from time to time fiction to stay entertained. And in full honestly, I spend a lot of time at the beach taking sun and dreaming up new classes to teach. Oh… and cooking & eating!

MacKenzie Miller

… at the beaches relaxing or hiking in the Santa Monica mountains. I enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors breathing in fresh air.

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not practising?

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