EkhartYoga announces partnership with YogaMatters

Esther Ekhart joins forces with YogaMatters in a collaboration inspired by a meeting of minds.

partnership with YogaMatters

Friendship matters

When Esther first met YogaMatters’ CEO, Twanna Doherty, at the wedding of a mutual friend, it was truly a meeting of minds. They found out that they shared the same line of business, ethos and similar way of working, and their friendship developed quickly from there.

When you meet a ‘kindred spirit’ your heart opens naturally and from that place, trust comes easily – this was certainly the case with Twanna.” Esther recalls. “The shared trust, love and respect we have for one another means working together comes naturally, as we both want the best for each other – personally and professionally. I hope that our friendship and professional relationship continues to bloom for many years to come.


Yogamatters is an online retailer of yoga-related products, offering an extensive range of yoga props and accessories – including mats, meditation cushions, blocks, bricks, belts, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows.

They recently launched a series of ‘How to’ videos, focusing entirely on yoga props – what they are and how they can be used most effectively. And who better to demonstrate this than our very own Esther? In Twanna’s mind, there was never any doubt:

When Esther and I met, the synergies were so obvious that I was pretty sure one day we would work together. I’m so happy that we made this choice – it has made all the difference. Friendship matters! Ultimately, Esther and I share the philosophy of supporting and lifting up, and this is what we aim to do with these videos – provide material that can support your practice and hopefully give a little motivation too.”

For the full series of videos, click here

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