Favourite yoga classes as recommended by you!

We asked you on social media which were your go-to classes on EkhartYoga...

warrior2 Esther

You came up with some classic gems alongside more recent classes.

We’ve made them into a playlist, so the next time you’re feeling in need of inspiration why not take a look at some of these as recommended by your fellow members:

EkhartYoga members go-to classes 2017

You’ll find all sorts in there from therapeutic classes through to rocket-fuelled power yoga!

Some of you found it hard to choose…we’re looking at you Ann and Poppy 😉 If you named a teacher rather than a specific class, we chose one for you that we thought was typical for that teacher.

If you didn’t see the post on FacebookInstagram or Twitter you can always tell us your favourites here below in the comments or comment on the playlist itself.

Thanks for inspiring us! x

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