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Nichi talks about her Ashtanga Yoga intermediate series classes.


One of the aspects I love about yoga is that I am constantly learning. No matter where you are in your practice you can always learn more. It also challenges me physically, mentally and emotionally and no two practices are the same.

I’ve chosen to share some of this process in my threeAshtanga yoga Intermediate series classes.

The Intermediate Series is tough!

Before you try these Intermediate series classesyou should be very comfortable with the Ashtanga Primary series. The practice demands a lot from the hips, shoulders and back. It’s known as Nadi Shoda which means “nerve cleansing” because of the main focus on the spine. 

Kapotasana for most yogis can be the most challenging of asanas and this is certainly true for me. It requires tremendous flexibility in the upper back, shoulders and a lot of strength in the legs. I think the first time I tried this asana I felt physically sick and I cried. I was shaking and had palpitations. I’ve been through these sensations with a fair few postures in this series. Kapotasana still stirs me up but less so. I’m not phased by strong emotional reactions when I practise. I see them as all part of a necessary process of letting go.

A work in progress…

So I’ve shared a work in progress. My collapsing crocodile I hope will make you smile! There are many videos and photos out there of yogis doing perfect poses and they are beautiful and admirable. I thought it would be interesting to show you how to work towards a pose and the modifications. I hope it’s useful.

The adventure of new things

New ideas and poses invigorate your practice and if you keep challenging yourself it will always be a source of inspiration as well as surprising and fun.

Adventure and exploration heals the spirit. Who knows? Trying new things on your yoga mat may eventually give you the courage to try new things off your yoga mat!
You may find yourself travelling to a new country, climbing a mountain or learning to surf. Approach everything with curiosity and interest and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Enjoy your practice and you will enjoy life.


“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing or that but simply growth.We are happy when we are growing”William Butler Yeats

Try something new with Nichi:

Ashtanga yoga Intermediate series classes.

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Nichi GreenNichi loves yoga, movement, nature and creativity and often threads creative ways of moving into her Vinyasa flows. She is a Yoga and Yamuna body rolling teacher trainer and runs regular UK retreats.