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Follow these tips to get prepared for your own weekend Home Yoga Retreat with EkhartYoga

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Join us for a mini Home Yoga Retreat weekend. To make sure you are fully prepared have a quick read through this checklist. Feeling prepared will help you focus on the weekend as well as making the whole experience more relaxing.

Check List:

  1. Have you decided whether you will be doing this retreat with friends or family or are you going to spend some quality time with yourself?
  2. If you are doing this retreat with friends it might be a good idea to plan the weekend with them. Decide where the retreat will take place and who will be cooking (if you are taking it in turns.. who cooks what and when) This will help to make sure that your retreat will be plain sailing.
  3. We have suggested some different meals for during the retreat. Take a look at them under each of the classes and see if you need to buy anything in advance. 
  4. If you are a busy parent, try to make sure you have someone organized to watch your children so you can really take all the time you need on your mat.
  5. Do you have a dedicated space where you can practise in? it’s best to make one room in your house the retreat space. A quiet zone for you and any participating friends. Lights some candles and incense. Do you like music? Make sure you have your favourite tunes ready.
  6. Check that you have all the props and accessories that you like to use. A blanket, mat, blocks, bolster and belt. You can also be inventive with your accessories. You can use books instead of blocks and a regular belt or even a scarf can substitute for a yoga belt. 

Recommended Watching and Reading

On Friday evening we encourage you to already go into retreat mode.. so cooking a healthy meal and watching an inspirational movie or reading a good book will hopefully get you into the right mode.


If you are more of a movie type person then pick a feel-good movie.
Don’t know what to watch?
The British Film Institute has a list of the 50 greatest films of all time 


If you are more of a bookworm, find out what our teachers are reading for some inspiration in Teacher’s Thoughts – Favourite Books 

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