“I’m A Useless Spiritual Teacher!” – Hilarious Jeff Foster Bloopers

Jeff Foster filmed a 2-hour Q&A session with a live audience at our studio. At the end, we asked him to record a short and simple introduction to the camera...Warning: Explicit Language! :)

Jeff Foster

Embrace your imperfection! Love your stumbling! Dance with your mistakes! Here is proof that ‘spiritual teachers’ are humans too. 

Jeff’s teaching is all about being present, connecting deeply with yourself, and honouring ALL your thoughts and feelings (not just the comfortable ones!). We think this video demonstrates what Jeff means when he talks about the perfection of our imperfection! Used with Jeff’s full permission, of course. 

A short playlist of bloopers featuring Jeff Foster, British author and teacher, as he recorded his series of videos for us called ‘Falling In Love With Where You Are‘.

Jeff’s website is www.lifewithoutacentre.com

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