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Join Esther Ekhart and other teachers from EkhartYoga for live community classes on our YouTube channel.

Live class with Esther Ekhart

Over the Summer we ran a series of live classes together in response to the escalating situation with the Coronavirus. I shared some thoughts on coping in stressful times, we moved a little together, and then we practiced a loving kindness meditation. 

I was so touched by the positive responses, and all of us as a team felt the energy and love in the community. It’s clear how important and powerful it is to come together, this year more than ever. We wanted to create an opportunity for this connection again.

Let’s come together again as a community

From November 11th we’ve been holding regular live sessions on YouTube again from myself and other teachers from EkhartYoga. These sessions are about coming together and sharing some ideas on our four routes from our free classes program:

  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Strength
  • Tension relief

Schedule – Live classes with EkhartYoga

You can also replay all our previous live classes

I’ll recommend some yoga and movement classes for EkhartYoga members in the class descriptions, plus there are free classes from our Community program for non-members.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get notifications of the live classes. You can set yourself a reminder for the sessions. All the sessions are available to watch later if you can’t make them live. 

Let’s tune into love as a community and hold that space for ourselves and others.

Esther Ekhart

Originally posted March 2020, updated Nov 2020 with new details

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Esther Ekhart
Esther EkhartEsther Ekhart, face and founder of EkhartYoga, brings years of personal yoga and meditation practice, therapy training and study of yoga philosophy into her teaching.