Meet Ganesha

Meet Ganesha: One of the most loved gods in the Hindu tradition.

meet ganesha

Ganesha (or Ganesh) is most well known as being the remover of obstacles, both spiritual and physical.

Ganesha can either place obstacles or he can destroy them. That is his dharma – his job. Both are vital to his character.

If you look at the image of this particular Ganesh, you see:

  • His broad crown – which is an invitation to think big.
  • Ganesha’s small eyes symbolise the importance of concentration and attention to detail for any task.
  • The big elephant ears remind us to talk less and listen more.
  • Ganesha’s big belly points to the importance to digest all that life throws at you, the positive and negative.
  • An axe in one of his hands, which symbolises being able to cut through all attachments.

So, whenever you enter into something new, or run into obstacles. You can remember Ganesha, and the ability to stay with the task, face the obstacles, learn from them and so transcend them.

There are many stories about Ganesha you can read about. A lot of them are about Ganesha and his love for his parents, Parvati his mother and Shiva his father. The symbolism within these stories is that all of your experiences with regards to the people looking after you, deserve a lot of respect, good or bad, those experiences shape you on a very deep level.

Also, because Ganesha has an elephant’s head and a big belly, he seems approachable, imperfect. This also encourages us to accept ourselves, or others as we are, with all of our perceived imperfections…

So you see, lots to learn from this friendly, approachable Hindu God,



Suggested class

Learn more about Ganesha in Sandra Carson’s class: Ganesha’s Play

The chubby, happy elephant Ganesha is the symbol of the qualities we turn to to overcome our challenges. Looking at him we learn to face those things we find difficult with a sense of softness and friendliness. In this flowing class we will open the hips in a way that brings our attention to those deeper parts within and help bring them to the surface so we can start to let them go and open up to new dimensions of ourselves. Surya Namaskar, Parivrtta Parsvakonasana var, Monkey Twist, Badda Konasana, Ardha Sukha Balasana, Agnisthambasana, Yoga Dandasana prep.

Part of the The Deity series

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