My Playlist for a balanced yoga practice for a month

Esther Ekhart has put together a Playlist of classes for a balanced practice over the course of a month.

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Do you find it difficult to decide which classes to take? Would you like to do yoga about 3 times a week but find it a challenge to put together a balanced practice?

Then this playlist is for you!

September Playlist for a balanced practice

I've put together a Playlist of 12 classes, for the month of September (or whenever you want to d do it). That's 3 classes per week for 4 weeks. You can practise them in the order I've put them in, or if it makes sense time-wise to do them in a different order, you can!

There are some stronger classes, some softer classes, some classes that will strengthen, and others that lengthen or open different body parts. Together they form a balanced practice for you.

I hope you enjoy my selection.

Love, Esther x

About Playlists

Create your own playlists and collect and organise your favourite classes. Bundle together your favourite go-to morning routines in one place, or start collecting classes on a particular theme.  

Keep your playlists private or make them public and share them with your fellow EkhartYogis!

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