Pose of the Week : Navasana / Boat Pose

Navasana is by far one of the most challenging poses for me; always has been, probably always will be.

boat poseesther-ekhart-and-afke-reijenga

This pose tells me so much about myself if I am willing to listen 🙂 First of all the only way I can do the full version of the pose, (legs straight out, and not bent) is: 

  • If I am strong enough 
  • When my sacroiliac joints are properly aligned.

I know that the reason I’m not able to hold Boat pose, even when I’m physically capable of doing so, is usually because my sacroiliac joints are in trouble, and a trip to my wonderful osteopath is necessary. Afterwards, I am always able to do so again. 

This brings out any frustration, resistance, suppressed anger I have in my system. Just hold it long enough and BINGO, there are all the emotions we’d rather not feel! I’d personally rather have them out there than locked away, so I take a moment to fully feel them, and breathe through it, staying present until the feelings subside by themselves.

This is, of course, personal – maybe in your case this pose brings up joy! Give those types of emotions the same treatment. Joy will also pass… we don’t want to attach to any emotion, may it be joy or anger, as they are never permanent and always come and go. 

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to practice Navasana / Boat Pose

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