Teacher feature – Andrew Wrenn

March 2022… We caught up with Andrew Wrenn – EkhartYoga's beloved Hatha yoga teacher – and here’s what he shared.

Andrew Wrenn

Where are you from?
I was born in Berlin (though I am English).

How did yoga come into your life?
I’ve always been interested in the bigger picture, why are we here, etc… I also used to suffer badly from asthma. In the 90s I went to a few classes with a very ill family member, to support her. A couple of years later, when I decided my life could do with a re-evaluation, I got a book on breathing from the local library, then bought an old falling-to-bits copy of Iyenger’s Light on Yoga … and the rest is history!

What is yoga to you, right now?
In one respect – a practice, a life ritual. In another – it is the true experience of what we consider life, a connection with our true nature. Yoga is a word to describe the indescribable.

Why do you practice?
As a reminder. A reminder that I’m not just the thoughts and dramas in my head. Every day we are, in effect, born again – and each day we can forget this and carry unneeded baggage from the days, weeks and years before. I’m not just saying a practice will dissolve this – though it can – but it’s a reminder of the wonderment of this fascinating life process unfolding around us with all of its delights, sadness and tragedies.

Why do you teach?
To share my passion and to make a living!

What do you offer to your community, through yoga?
A sanctuary, an oasis of calm in the busyness and stress that life brings.

What’s your favourite class (of your own) on EkhartYoga?
Hmmm, I don’t like to watch myself on a screen… I enjoy teaching classes that may truly help people cope with life.

We, the EkhartYoga team, love all of Andrew’s classes! – especially his all-levels quickie – Aura Transformer
Try this playful standing sequence that physically moves and articulates all of the major joints in the body. It’s a great practice to do after a long time spent sitting down or travelling and energetically it reinforces the Nadi that surrounds the body – your aura.

Favourite yoga pose?
To sit comfortably – the ‘original’ yoga posture.

Advice to new yogis?
Don’t try too hard. The harder you try, the more elusive the essence can become.

Recommended reading?
Anything that moves you. It’s not about the content – it’s about the feeling, the experience.

Favourite meal?

What do you do for fun?

Stranded on an island — what 3 things would you bring?
Mosquito net, Swiss army knife and my parrot (we go back a long way).

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Surprising or little known fact about you?
I have three nipples!

Current projects?
Living a life without creating harm or suffering, sharing the love.

Closing words?
Live, love and enquire.

Practice with Andrew on EkhartYoga!

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