Teacher feature – José de Groot

We had a chat with José de Groot – EkhartYoga Yin Yoga and Anatomy expert with a passion for dance and an interest in philosophy, psychology and Chinese medicine.

Jose de Groot

Where are you from?
Madrid, Spain. I do feel a bit of a world/earth citizen since I have been away from Spain for half my life.

How did yoga come into your life?
First as a form of exercise more than 20 years ago and then as a life practice and a discipline after the life-changing event of becoming a mother.

What is yoga to you, right now?
Yoga right now for me is embracing and befriending anything that arises. Letting it all be and saying yes to life. Trusting that with the practice I am moving from a more centered place that allows me to act from awareness of what is.

Why do you practice?
I practice to live fully. My practice is my laboratory. I explore, I find, I allow, and I release. I practice to ride the waves of life gracefully.

Advice to new yogis? Create a practice that you can commit to – first, for a week, then for a month, then a year, then a life… It’s all in you; trust and listen to your intuition and your inner wisdom. Take the best and leave the rest.

Why do you teach?
I teach to help students connect with themselves at a physical, energetic, and mental level. I teach to help students unveil their inner knowledge and natural wisdom.

What do you offer to your community, through yoga?
I am especially focusing on elementary school kids. I teach yoga at my son’s school to keep them connected to their innate joy and natural play.

Favourite yoga pose/s?

Advice to new yogis?
Find a teacher that resonates and stay a while with her/him. Also, create a practice for yourself that you can commit to, first for a week, then for a month, then for a year, and then for life. It is all in you; trust and listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. You are the teacher, so take the best and leave the rest.

Recommended or currently reading?
Women Who Run with Wolves.

Favourite meal?
I absolutely love seafood.

What do you do for fun?
Dance, swim in the sea, weight training and dance some more!

Stranded on an island — what 2 things would you bring?
A fishing net. Something to make a fire with.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A judge!

Surprising or little known fact about you?
I have a master’s degree in Economics, I worked in a bank’s dealing room under high levels of stress/pressure for a long time until I discovered yoga.

Current projects?
I am creating some simple one day retreats in The Netherlands focusing on the different seasons and elements. The idea is to bring people together, practice pranayama, asana and meditation in a yurt. Also to share meals with seasonal ingredients according to the Ayurvedic principles. I am also blessed to be part of Delight Yoga’s teacher trainings.

Closing words?
Just a simple offering, I always close my practice with this simple offering to all sentient beings: May all sentient beings be happy and free of suffering.

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José teaches Yin yoga and pre and postnatal yoga on EkhartYoga. Join her for a 5 week program on Yin Yoga and the 5 Elements – designed to support and nourish your whole body and mind.

Yin yoga and the 5 elements program
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