The 108 Sun Salutations training plan

This training plan and program will get you ready to practice 108 Sun Salutations in one session.

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108 Sun Salutations in a row can be tough, mentally and physically (no kidding!) and is probably the closest we are going to get to doing a marathon in yoga. So we have created a training plan for you to follow to get you prepared; building up your strength gradually so that you can practice the full 108 safely.  

How does it work?

There are two ways you can follow this program.

1. Our members can follow the full training plan in our guided online program, the 108 Sun Saluations Challenge.

2. Not an EkhartYoga member? Well you can still follow our training plan.. find out how below! 

1 Ekhart Yoga members

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  • Follow the full 108 Sun Salutations Challenge training program with us. Practice online classes led by Esther Ekhart. Get extra warm up and cool downs for your Sun Salutations, core work to support your back and Restorative and Vinyasa Flow classes. Ask questions and send words of encouragement to your fellow Ekhart Yogis in the comments under the classes.

2 What if I’m not a member? 

You can still join in the 108 challenge! 

Your free training plan

  • Learn your modifications

    In this free video and article Esther will talk you through how to practice different modifications of the Sun Salutation, along with tips for staying safe and avoiding injuries. Learn your modifications now and get started! 
  • Repetition & home practice
    • Follow the repetitions of the Sun Salutations as suggested in our training schedule.
    • Substitute the Abs and Back Boost classes, listed in the training schedule above, for your own core work.
    • Be sure to warm up and cool down properly each time and don’t forget Savasana for at least 6 minutes after each practice.
    • Replace the other suggested classes with your home yoga practice, trying to keep your practice calming and restorative.

Some general challenge tips

Stay safe

Please make sure you watch the first class (it’s free for non-members too) before taking part in the challenge. The 108 is tough mentally and physically and so you need to know your modification options even if you’ve been jumping back into Chaturangas in your sleep since you were a kid.

Stay motivated

Read Manda’s article on Why do we practice 108 Sun Salutations? 

Time your drinks

Keep well hydrated generally through the day, but don’t drink too much water in the 30 mins before a long practice. This is so that your stomach isn’t full and so that you can get the benefits of creating heat in the body.

Fuel and refuel!

We’ll be posting up recipes and nutritional advice during the challenge but as a general rule avoid heavy meals for a couple of hours before a long practice.

Practice for others

We are inviting everyone to practice the 108 with a charity or good cause in mind. You could either donate, get sponsored by friends and family or simply dedicate your practice to that cause. 

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