Introducing the EkhartYoga Academy!

Whether you are a dedicated yoga practitioner seeking to expand your knowledge or a teacher looking to improve and enhance your skills, we've created the EkhartYoga Academy for you!

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There are myriad mental, physical and spiritual benefits to practising and teaching yoga. While it is understandable that a practice based on a 5,000 year-old philosophy is open to many forms of interpretation, one thing we’d probably all agree on is that our lives are richer, healthier, more balanced, connected and joyful for having yoga in them. That – and there is always more to learn!

Whether you are a dedicated yoga practitioner seeking to expand your knowledge of the practice, or a teacher looking to improve and enhance your skills, we’ve created the EkhartYoga Academy to help you deepen your understanding, enrich your experience and make you a more skilful and knowledgeable teacher.

We offer specialised online courses for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners, taught by a range of international, expert-level teachers.

Programs vs. courses

If you’re a subscriber to EkhartYoga, you鈥檙e probably familiar with our Programs already. Programs are a series of classes with a specific theme or intention such as building a regular practice habit. They鈥檙e included as part of your EkhartYoga membership, along with access to more than 3,500 classes.

The Academy courses offer more in-depth explorations of a specific yoga related topic, in a workshop-style setting. They are usually complemented by extensive written material to support your learning. Courses on the Academy range in length from a couple of hours through to accredited online yoga teacher training courses. 

Academy courses are also a great opportunity to connect with fellow students and converse with inspiring and knowledgeable teachers in our interactive comments section.

The courses can be purchased individually – no EkhartYoga membership required. 

What鈥檚 on the EkhartYoga Academy?

If you are passionate about – or intimidated by – the traditional yoga texts such as Patanjali鈥檚 Yoga Sutras, The Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy course with Anat Geiger is for you. You will gain a more in-depth understanding of yoga philosophy鈥檚 key principles – crucial if you want to impart knowledge to your students or dive deeper into your yoga practice.

If you鈥檙e a new yoga teacher, or just looking for more inspiration for your own practice, The Art of Sequencing course with Esther Ekhart is an invaluable resource. Esther teaches you how to design and sequence safe and inspiring classes. You鈥檒l not only learn practical tips but also how to find your unique voice and confidence as a teacher.

For yoga teachers and students alike, Jennilee Toner鈥檚 Embodied Anatomy Immersion course will guide you on an anatomy journey, exploring the body鈥檚 skeletal structure, patterns and teach you how to prevent Vinyasa-related injuries.

David Lurey鈥檚 Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers course will offer you insight into your way of communicating and how it shapes your classes and relationships. 

If you need help with your yoga teaching business, Ava Taylor鈥檚 unique and comprehensive Business of Yoga course will arm you with all the knowledge and tools you need for a thriving yoga teaching career, while Irina Verwer鈥檚 Teaching Private Yoga Classes course will get you ready to successfully diversify your audience.

Last but not least, if you are a Yin yogi, Jos茅 de Groot offers a certified 50-hour Yin Anatomy Teacher Training focused on in-depth understanding of anatomy, which opens the door to teaching yoga functionally, as opposed to aesthetically.

This is just a preview of what our Academy has to offer and we have many more courses to come, for yoga teachers and for all levels of yoga students too, so keep watching! 

We鈥檇 love you to share your ideas for courses with us. Please send us a message with your requests. After all, the Academy has been created with you in mind聽and to spread the knowledge (and love!)聽of yoga.

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